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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2021 WebAR Experience

To bring information about the Pajero series of Mitsubishi to customers in the most practical and intuitive way

Marvy's design team has produced a 3D model that is the most beautiful and closest to the real model of Mitsubishi, which increases the excitement of customers when they interact with the 3D model of the car.


Scope of Work

  • - Concept Design
  • - UI UX Design
  • - 3D Modeling and Animation
  • - AR Development
  • - WebAR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Product Viewer

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AR Space - AR World

Aiming to bring information about the Pajero series of Mitsubishi to customers in the most practical and intuitive way. Based on Mitsubishi's structure and requirements, Marvy Co. designed an experience space for the customers in a logical sequence, from giving the important parameters that the customer needs, to the external and exterior experience.

In addition, Marvy's design team has produced a 3D model that is the most beautiful and closest to the real model of Mitsubishi, which increases the excitement of customers when they interact with the 3D model of the car.


3D Modelling & Design

The car model design is very meticulous to ensure the best image with the smallest capacity. Interior and exterior are designed vividly, intuitive, standard colors with the real version, accurate proportions.

3D Asset is professionally optimized to ensure performance when used in real time application, especially on the web platform, where minimization of storage capacity is required. This is an important step, as any minor deflect in the pre-production process can greatly affect the performance. 

To impress our users, we did not use the 3D models that are currently available or made with the conventional standards, as this would pose a major performance hurdle. For this challenge, after a profound R&D process, Marvy had finalized on using image based rendering technology to create our materials. This would ensure the most absolute precision and most authentic experience for our users. 

In addition, shader is a technique that Marvy's technical artists used to demonstrate their creativity, through the interference with the rendering process on limited graphic platforms. 

The Mitsubishi project has brought many obstacles to the team. With the advanced technology and expertise of the Development team, we have addressed most of the challenges and successfully delivered it .


  • Mode 1: 2H - 4H

2H: suitable for long and dry weather in urban areas

4H: suitable for wet and slippery roads.

The Marvy team simulates the vehicle’s performance on urban roads in dry weather and in wet, rainy. When you click on mode 1, users will experience the car speed designed by Marvy closest to the reality of 2H and 4H modes.


  • Mode 2: 4HLC - LLC

4HLC: When the terrain is rough and the surface has low adhesion.

4LLC: When passing a steep road, the road is rocky or the vehicle is muddy, muddy …

With Mode 2 for 4HLC and LLC, Marvy simulated the road in rough terrain. From Mode 1 to Mode 2, the image is still smooth, moving according to the vehicle's speed. With high quality image processing technology and fine tuning in designing the details from large to small, Marvy team creates a feeling of authenticity for users when interacting with 3D models.


  • Mode 3: 360 degree camera observed from all angles.

The car is integrated with a new 360 camera that supports the view around the vehicle, helping to actively handle collision situations with other vehicles and pedestrians.

One of the highlights of the Pajero series is the 360 ​​camera, Marvy designed a full view from 4 sides and clearly demonstrates the camera's position, describing the width of space where the camera can observe the area around the car. 


  • Mode 4: ACE-adaptive automatic throttle system

Allows setting and keeping the vehicle operating at the selected speed without acting on the accelerator pedal. At the same time, the system automatically adjusts speed to maintain the distance from the vehicle ahead.


  • Mode 5: Front Charge Collision Mitigation (FCM)

Reduces crash risk and severity of forward crashes.

Marvy team simulates a sample situation between two vehicles moving close together, highlighting the function of operating the auto at a selected speed and adjusting itself to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Combined with the frontal collision mitigation system (FCM) described by the Marvy team at the same time, it is easy to visualize for customers.


  • Mode 6: Blind spot warning system (BSW) and lane change assist (LCA)

Minimize blind spots and assist the driver to change lanes safely

This is an extremely important function that Mitsubishi wants customers to experience, accordingly, Marvy team has vividly designed the situation when the car checks the condition of the road behind and signal safety when changing lanes. 


  • Mode 7: Corner sensor and reverse vehicle warning system (RCTA) 

Improves obstacle development, minimizes blind spots and the risk of a collision when backing up.

For reverse situations, the Marvy team clearly shows the width of the space that the angle sensor can control to alert the driver of the appropriate reversing time.


  • Mode 8: Unintended system acceleration.

Enhance the ability to detect obstacles, minimize the risk of collision when starting.


Experience the deluxe interior space

The interior of the stimulation is beautifully and precisely designed by Marvy team to imitate the real car. The interactors can see inside from the perspective of the front and back seats, accompanied with a pop-up caption for each section. Intelligent viewing angle is designed to make it easy for Mitsubishi customers to interact and understand the vehicle.

- The shift lever area is covered with soft leather with delicate sewing for an extra luxury look.

- Ceiling light and rear seat air conditioning system control buttons bring convenience and comfort to customers.

- The operating mode control cluster and new elegant design, optimal for the driver's operation.

Multifunctional sports steering wheel. The sporty design is 4-way adjustable and integrates modern multi-function control buttons.


Experience the glamour Exterior

Finally, the exterior is an aspect that can not be missed, as Marvy team makes optimal use of the zoom in/out function so that the interactors can observe the exterior details that Mitsubishi wants to focus on. The design and colour are similar when compared to the real car, extremely interactive and user-friendly. 

When the user touches the red buttons around the vehicle, the information of each vehicle's exterior will appear.

Operation steps:

- Tap the screen to fix the car position.

- Swipe left and right to rotate the car

- Touch to zoom in / out the car

- New grille design is elegant, classy and powerful.

- 18 Inch alloy wheels, with 2 tones.


AR Development

- Using WebAR for developing makes it easy for users to access anytime, anywhere and an unlimited number of devices.

- Focusing on easy access, as long as you stay at home, you can view full information of the Panjero model through simple operations.

- Open the Mitsubishi website, scan the QR code, take your phone to an empty space and the 3D model of the car will appear for you to interact.



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