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Move Free - Action Month For Joint Health

In order to promote the campaign “Action month for joint health”, Move Free cooperated with Marvy Co. to give customers hours of entertainment with an attractive and impressive way of conveying knowledge.


Scope of Work

  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Face Filter

Ideas & Concept 

With ideas of helping customers better understand their health, Move Free cooperated with Marvy Co. to create an AR Filter Game that helps customers easily check their health conditions. This not only brings interesting experiences but also offers many special presents. Then encouraging customers to use Filter, increasing interaction between brands and consumers.

The application of AR technology to help promote brands and products is more and more trusted by companies. Hence, team Marvy with the goal of accompanying you to bring the most authentic and unique AR experiences


AR Programming 

In the project, Marvy Co has applied AR Face Tracking Technique and AR Body Tracking. Players use phones to turn on AR Game, then choose and stand in accordance with filter pose as required. The result of the campaign was launched on Move Free Official Fanpage, attracting more than 800 participants and 300 shares. 


How to use 

Step 1: Access AR Game via the link:

Step 2: Turn on camera, choose any number, go far until fit with the body shape on the phone. 

Step 3: The player simulates the pose as the filter appears and holds for about 3 seconds. It is recommended to use a tripod while using Filter

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