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Participate in the AR Filter Minigame "Showcasing Big Smart Little Differences, Ready to Have Fun with Preschool" with Abbott Grow Gold.

Ranked first among the top 10 most outstanding campaigns in September with over 2.5 million discussions, achieving a maximum emotion index of 100%, "Because my child is number 1" from Abbott Grow Gold has stirred up social media with the music video "Because My Child Is Number 1 in a Mother's Heart" and a series of posts where parents participated in the "Showcasing Big Smart Little Differences, Ready to Have Fun with Preschool" challenge using AR Filters with the Grow Deer effects.


Scope of Work

  • - 3D Modeling and Animation
  • - WebAR Development

Campaign Results

The overall campaign garnered 2,552,395 discussions with an outstanding 100% absolute emotion index in September, achieving 2,769,253 interactions and securing the top spot on the list of the most influential communication campaigns at that time.

Source: Kompa 

As for the AR Filter minigame, according to statistical data, there were over 10,000 accesses and nearly 4,000 successfully submitted entries shared on Facebook.

Source: Abbott GrGold

Idea & Concept 

The communication campaign of Abbott Grow Gold targets parents with children preparing to enter the preschool stage, with the main theme revolving around the message "Because My Child Is Number 1." The campaign emphasizes love and the growth of each child based on their unique personalities and interests. This is manifested through the AR Filter minigame, where children can choose their favorite items, subjects, and games. Subsequently, mothers capture photos of their children within the created frames and share the images on their personal Facebook pages, accompanied by the program's hashtag, to receive attractive gifts from Abbott Grow Gold.

Source: Abbott Grow Gold 


The gameplay is designed to be simple, fun, and suitable for preschoolers, with parents easily guiding and assisting their children in selecting their favorite items. Detailed instructions enable parents to accompany their children in choosing courses and games based on their interests. The courses, games, and items are beautifully designed, fun, and feature the predominant colors and iconic image of the tall deer character from Abbott Grow Gold.

User Interface:

  • The interface is optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms.
  • All details are designed in the yellow color tone and feature the Grow Deer mascot icon of Abbott.
  • Focus on exploiting unique gameplay, with multiple steps to stimulate the curiosity of children.
  • Randomly integrated messages create freshness, uniqueness, and prevent monotony for users.
  • Dynamic and lively sound integration enhances the mood and adds excitement to the game.

User Experience:

After accessing the microsite and providing information through the instructional form, mothers can guide their children to participate in the AR Filter "Showcasing Big Smart Little Differences, Ready to Have Fun with Preschool" with the following steps:

  • Step 1: "CHOOSE ITEMS, DRAG AND DROP YOUR FAVORITE SUBJECT." In the frames, mothers sequentially guide their children to choose one item, one subject, and one game that they love the most to get ready for preschool fun.
  • Step 2: "STRIKE A POSE, READY TO GO TO SCHOOL IN YOUR OWN WAY." At this step, selected courses and games will appear for children to choose according to their preferences. After making their choices, mothers encourage their children to strike a pose and move the frame away to capture the moment when the child is ready for school in a unique way.
  • Step 4: Share the image link on their personal page and tag friends to participate in the contest.

Steps to participate in the "Vi con la so 1" challenge

Programming AR Filter Technology on the Website Platform

  • Programming AR Face Tracking technology on the website platform involves using AR technology to capture players' photos, capturing moments when they interact with virtual content.
  • Integrating the feature to share image links with attached thumbnails and program hashtags on Facebook.
  • Programming the feature to display items in precise locations, such as wearing a hat on the head, a chest-worn bag, the Grow deer appearing beside, and an Abbott milk box displayed on the mouth for the child to pretend to drink.
  • Optimizing the design and animation of 2D graphics and especially 3D elements in the AR environment, ensuring they appear in the correct positions and meet requirements for image, color, and space.
  • Integrating lively music files.


In summary, applying AR Face Filter enhances the excitement and uniqueness of Abbott's current campaign, coupled with attractive prizes, attracting thousands of parents to participate. The "Showcasing Big Smart Little Differences, Ready to Have Fun with Preschool" campaign not only positioned Abbott at the top of the most outstanding communication campaigns in September but also marked the brand's impressive transition in applying AR technology.

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