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Play AR Game Get Diamond Gifts From PNJ

Recently, Phu Nhuan Jewelry Company (PNJ) has launched the campaign "Choose Offers, Brighten Forever", combining AR Filter deployed on the web platform. The campaign has earned over 200,000 plays and just after 1 month of launch.


Scope of Work

  • - UI UX Design
  • - 2D Design
  • - AR Development
  • - WebAR Development
  • - Backend Development

Types of AR used

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AR Face Filter

 Idea & Concept

Responding to the request of promoting the brand image from PNJ, Marvy Co. used the "pick up items" gameplay and selected valuable products from the brand to integrate into the game.

Gameplay "collecting items" is a popular game and is loved by most users, combined with AR technology, specifically AR Face Tracking, has created an extremely interesting but equally luxurious AR Game. and elegant as PNJ brand image ever.


UX/UI Design 


The game interface uses a user-friendly vertical interface. To join the game, users just need to:

  • Access the link
  • Read the terms and tick agree
  • Select the Join button
  • Enter the phone number to receive the reward
  • Start Game

Information about prizes, participation results, program rules, links to the store's website and Hotline are arranged into a hamburger menu button and placed in the right corner of the screen, opposite the screen return button. main. Putting important information on the hamburger menu button makes the game interface neat and eye-catching and also helps users easily find information and improve the experience.

The interface on phones and PCs uses only a vertical interface, making it easy for users to manipulate. In addition, players can also take a photo with the reward and save it to their device by long-pressing for 3 seconds, extremely easy and fast.


The main color of the game is taken from the two brand colors of PNJ, blue and gold, which are two colors that represent fashion, style, and belief. Besides, the details in the game are designed with images of real products

AR Game Programming 

Using AR Face Tracking, with "Self-selecting Offers, Brightening Your Own Highlights", players only need to put the camera in the appropriate position, the game immediately starts after 3 seconds of countdown. Players only need to move their heads left and right (head movement) to catch items taken from the brand's luxury products.

Obstacle uses the image of a black diamond, representing darkness, as opposed to eye-catching, shimmering jewelry.


CMS Site Programming 

Marvy programmed a CMS to help PNJ track and manage important game metrics such as:

  • Manage logged-in users
  • Acknowledge new users
  • User recognition via invitation code
  • Record the number of plays
  • Send discount code via the phone number
  • Manage the history of receiving physical gifts
  • Manage the quantity and send the history of vouchers


 Launching marketing campaign

Not only implemented as a unique online game campaign, "Tu chon uu dai, sang mai net rieng" is also deployed with offline events at busy commercial centers, successfully attracting hundreds of visitors. join and welcome thousands of guests to visit the brand's jewelry products.


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