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Shake Tree And Reap Fortune With AR Filter From Keppel Land

To celebrate the 2022 lunar new year, Keppel Land has launched AR Filter “Rung Cay Hai Loc” (Shake Tree, Reap Fortune) providing users to take pictures and videos with wealthy and lucky icons.


Scope of Work

  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Face Filter

AR Face Filter:

Only one touch, people can “reap” the fortune with Keppel Land to celebrate the 2022 Tet Holiday. Marvy combined the icons that stand for luck and wealth to create a happy and funny feeling, such as the image of apricot blossoms with red lucky-money envelopes. In addition, this AR Filter allows users to experience both front and back cameras by providing different features, Tet Holiday filter for the front and a virtual apricot blossom tree for the back.


  • Front Camera: 
    • When the user smiles, the apricot tree has a slight fluttering animation and the calligraphy scroll will open up
    • Users can tap the screen to change wishes on calligraphy scroll
    • UI button changes the background options
  • Back Camera:
    • The virtual apricot blossom tree shows up on the screen when it finds the place
    • Users can place the apricot tree in the desired position by tapping the screen then using two fingers to zoom in or zoom out the tree 
    • Users press the "Pick up" button, the tree will have a slight fluttering effect and a random wish will appear on the calligraphy scroll.


How to use

Step 1: Access AR Filter at:

Step 2: Shake the tree icon to see the wish


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