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Solite - Rescue "Vuong Quoc Mem Diu"

To promote a special collaboration with Universal Studios, confectionery brand Kinh Do has partnered with Marvy Co. to develop AR Filter & AR Game for 2 latest product lines of Solite.

Not only bringing more interesting experiences to customers when using the product, the minigame “Giai cuu Vuong quoc Mem Diu ” (Rescue The Tender Kingdom) is integrated by the brand into the QR code printed on product boxes. Two separate codes that are printed on the same card for both mother and baby are extremely convenient


Scope of Work

  • - Concept Design
  • - UI UX Design
  • - 2D Design
  • - 3D Modeling and Animation
  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

ar photo

AR Face Filter

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AR Image Tracking

Game Concept

The game is deployed on Facebook and integrated right on the brand's product packaging via Minions’ images. Players only need to use mobile devices to scan QR code and directly experience the game without downloading any additional applications.

Game designs are set in a magnificent castle that is being invaded by an army of ferocious monsters. Bright, eye-catching colors and vivid character creation make a cute and highly entertaining mini game.


UI/UX Design

Because the game is integrated in the pastry product line, the audience is not only adults but also children, so the interface and experience of the game must be designed to be simple and easy to understand to make it easy for players to play. manipulating and controlling the game.


UI - User Interface

Clear control buttons

The content is short and easy to understand

UX - User Experience

Just scan the QR code, players can directly play the game without registering information and without having to download any additional applications. If you shoot down more than 10 monsters in the allotted time, the player will experience taking pictures with cute filters and using those same filters to create memorable moments with relatives and friends.

True to the theme of saving the kingdom, and protecting the castle, the game context is mainly magnificent castles being invaded by monsters, depending on the taste of the cake, the image of the castle and the monster will be displayed. different, cute interface and extremely eye-catching.

Monsters created in the game are very vivid, because they are hungry, they will have angry and scowling expressions. Every time the player "shoots down" with the soft Solite cake into their mouth, they will be tamed and return to their lovely state.

Game Programming

The operation is simple, easy, and the playing time is fast.

Users only need to find the card in each Solite’s box, open the mobile device's camera app, scan the QR code "For kids" on the card and read the instructions displayed on the box, users can immediately play the game.

This is a game that only plays 1 round, so there are not many different levels. Users only need to tame many monsters, take selfies with funny filters and send them to Solite Vietnam fanpage and have the opportunity to own exclusive and lovely Minions water bottles.


How to play

  • Move the phone to see the monsters running away on the target (+)
  • Tap once on the Solite cake icon to shoot monsters
  • Need to shoot down at least 10 monsters within 60 seconds to win
  • Special button: just touch and hold the Solite cake icon for 2 seconds, all monsters will "stand still" to make it easier for players to shoot down, adding a plus point to the cuteness of the game
  • If you win, users will have the opportunity to experience selfies with funny filters


AR Face Filter Design

After playing the game, players will be guided to use the front camera to be able to capture funny and funny moments with relatives and friends with pre-designed filters and eye-catching graphic designs.

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