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  • Merries x Dinosaur

The AR Face Filter for Tet 2021 from Merries

To give New Year wishes, Merries decided to try AR - a trending filter as an interesting experience

As a special gift from Merries, AR Face Filter created by Marvy Co. is available on Facebook now and you can try it anytime and anywhere.


Scope of Work

  • - UI UX Design
  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Face Filter



AR option for Merries

AR Face Filter is the most popular, familiar, and widely available form of AR on social media. On a lovely New Year music background, children can be filmed with 4 wishes and the falling red envelopes effect combined with moving rabbits. And the video can be used as a gift to the parents, the grandparents, and the families.


Visual design & Graphic Motion

This 2D graphics project was created meticulously by images ranging from flowers, rabbit symbols, firework effects, and greetings. The elements’ animations are smooth and lived up to the expectations of Merries.



AR Development & Special Features

With the experiences in creating AR products by Unity, ARcore, ARkit, Maya, 3Dsmax, WebAR, ..., Marvy Co.'s development team understands how to optimize the quality for any products, whether 2D or 3D in using AR Filter Facebook. In this project, it is important to ensure that the AR product meets Merries’ requirements from the visual to the technical part. 


How to play

STEP 1: Click the link on Merries Fanpage.  

STEP 2: Users click on each wish icon to see the full Tet wish appear on the screen for moms to read. Children can nod the head, blink eyes, open the mouth, or pout lips to change the wishes.

STEP 3: Mom clicks to start recording videos of her baby. The music will be played automatically when moms record video. 

STEP 4: After recording the video, moms can save it and/or share it on Facebook story & Facebook timeline. 


Through Face Tracking, user can participate in taking photos or recording videos and change the wish when performing one of these activities:

- Blink: I wish mom & dad a happy and successful new year. 

- Nod: I wish grandpa plenty of health to enjoy Tet together with family

- Open the mouth: I wish aunt & uncle a happy new year and success. 

- Pout lips: I wish our family will be full of laughs and happy moments /I wish our family peace and prosperity in the new year.


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