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Try on trendy fashion hats with AR Filter

Try on different hats with AR Filter technology.

One of the practical applications of augmented reality (AR) technology in life is applied in the field of sales and marketing in the fashion industry. Customers can now try on different accessories such as hats, jewelry, etc. right at their home without having to go far.


Scope of Work

  • - Concept Design
  • - UI UX Design
  • - 3D Modeling and Animation
  • - AR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Face Filter

Ideas & Concepts:

With a demo idea for trying on hats available on the e-commerce website, Marvy Co created an AR Filter that makes it easy to put them on and see how well they fit when wearing different hats., we use the Rap Viet hats as an example.

In addition, this AR Filter can completely integrate the purchase link and lead to VieShop's website, extremely convenient.

As you move your face and head, the hats created by AR Filter technology will also move, as well as being able to see at different angles, giving you the most realistic look as you were trying on a real hat.

In addition, the individual songs of each coach Binz, Karik, Suboi, Wowy  played when choosing a hat will also give you a real "cool" feeling.

AR Development

Marvy Co uses Spark AR software to implement facial gesture recognition, players open AR Filter Rap Viet Hat on the phone's Facebook and Instagram application, use the front camera and interact.

With a team of experienced programmers in the field of AR, Marvy Co always optimizes and knows how to perfect the product in the best way. With experience in using many popular AR programming tools such as Unity, ARcore, ARkit, Maya, 3Dsmax, WebAR, ..., Marvy Co can quickly create and publish this AR Filter.

How to use:

STEP 1: Go to AR Filter by clicking the link, open it with the Facebook or Instagram app on your phone:

STEP 2: After the Hat Filter appears, select your favorite hat, the music corresponding to each hat will sound.

STEP 3: Take a photo or hold the capture key on the screen to record your video

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