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5 Mini Game Ideas for Food & Beverage Brands

Applying Mini Game to marketing helps businesses reach potential customers easily..

After covid, Food & Beverage Business (F&B) is recovering and developing rapidly. A series of new brands created, plus the current food businesses constantly promoting communication campaigns, has made the market became busier than ever.


It is time for businesses to map out an attractive and effective marketing strategy.


The implementation of marketing campaigns applying technology is an extremely prominent choice, favored by marketers in recent communication projects. Discover 5 mini game ideas for F&B brands from Octokit - A platform that provides 1000 AR / Game templates for marketing campaigns:


1. Pumping on the drink 

Y Tuong Mini Game Cho Thuong Hieu Food Beverage photo

Template “Pumping on the drink” with new and attractive gameplay. The user only needs to "tap" on the screen so that the bottles can correctly respond to the cans below.


F&B brands just need to replace the default design with product images and they can immediately deploy a marketing project to increase brand awareness!


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2. Sweet Jump 

Y Tuong Mini Game Cho Thuong Hieu Food Beverage photo

Mini games with a cute design that is suitable for all players. The gameplay is also very simple, players only need to click on the left or right on the screen for the bear to jump up and eat the candy items.


Businesses can change the images and items in the Sweet Jump template when using the Octokit feature. For the fried chicken brand, the main character can be changed to "waitress" and the candy packaging items can be changed to "fried chicken”. To attract customers to the store directly, we can put a standee with a QR code attached in front of the shop. Players can scan the code and play the game to accumulate points as required to receive a promotional voucher at the checkout.


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3. Bug Smasher 

Y Tuong Mini Game Cho Thuong Hieu Food Beverage photo

The gameplay of "Bug Smasher" is simple but still conveys the message of food hygiene and safety. Users only need to rotate the guard bar around the food item to prevent bugs from attacking the food.


The “Bug Smasher” template’s design can be changed by the product design of the brand, suitable for both the snack or canned food brands.

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4. Quick Hand 

Y Tuong Mini Game Cho Thuong Hieu Food Beverage photo

“Quick hand” is a very suitable template for F&B brands that provide diverse products. In order to increase the awareness of the new product line, brands can change the design of the fruit items to the current brands’ products.


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5. Tap to create music 

Y Tuong Mini Game Cho Thuong Hieu Food Beverage photo

With the template "Tap to create music", players will both experience interesting gameplay and enjoy music. This mini game requires players to have quick actions to touch the milk tea cup falling from the top and the falling speed of the item will be faster and faster. When the player misses an item, the game will end.


Try now: 


Benefits of using mini games for the F&B industry

Increase interaction

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram are gateways to bring limitless connections between customers and businesses, as well as the foundation for implementing effective marketing campaigns. Applying mini games to a marketing campaign (gamification campaign) can help customers have more motivation to actively interact with businesses.


In addition, by sharing the link to join the mini game on social networks, businesses can also increase the request for players to like/share/comment on the brand's Fan Page, the Fan Page's posts will have more opportunities to reach many lookalike audiences. To increase the gaming of the campaign, businesses can also prepare gifts for the players with the highest scores or the most interaction.


Cost savings

Using mini games for marketing campaigns will help businesses save costs to the maximum while still creating a competitive advantage in the market. With an interesting experience when participating in mini games along with attractive rewards for lucky players, your business will attract a large number of customers without spending extra budget on buying likes or creating paid ads for Fan Page.


Increase brand awareness

Building Brand Awareness is a goal that new businesses always prioritize when implementing marketing campaigns. This is also the most prominent benefit when applying mini games in marketing campaigns. By integrating products into the game, such as designing game assets or game concepts according to the company's branding guidelines, the mini game will help businesses impress players, thereby helping to improve brand awareness.


Collect customer data

When playing mini games, customers need to provide name, phone number, or email address so that the organizers can record to give gifts and upload results (scores) to the leaderboard. By programming the CMS feature, businesses can manage player data, thereby easily identifying interesting customer segments and mini-game experiences. This also helps businesses reshape their potential customers.

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