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HSC Applied Gamification For Marketing Campaign

Gamification is known to be a great choice in media planning for many brands, including financial ones..

Nowadays, Gamification is known to be a great choice for many brands when it comes to media planning. Being not limited by how it can be applied for any business field, gamification works wonders as a marketing strategy that the financial industry has applied and implemented campaigns to increase interaction on social media and attract potential customers.


What is gamification marketing?

Gamification marketing is an advanced marketing technique utilizing design elements from games to attract customers and make them stay. In gamification marketing, consumers are led to take specific actions with the goal of winning valuable gifts or rewards from the brand.

These forms of gamification can make a fun online contest where the users can compete for top ranks on the leaderboard, or for the highest reactions in social posts or comments on social media.


In addition, gamification is also known as a marketing strategy that helps businesses:

1. Collect data from customers by asking customers to share information while experiencing the game.

2. Take advantage of the spread of sharing on social networks to increase brand awareness.

3. Educate users about the brand/product through interactive games.

4. Reduce bounce rate with suggestions for coupons, free goods, and increase customer benefits,...

5. Drive conversions with coupons or reward points.


Some factors that make up a Gamification Marketing campaign:

  • Score: Users can collect scores by playing an online game.
  • Rewards: Engaging customers’ sense of accomplishment by offering rewards.
  • Leaderboard: Displays the player's name and score on the leaderboard.

    And with these factors, HSC Stock has launched the web game "Chung Si Ve Bo", an entertaining mini-game that allows "Hoi Chung Si" to experience interesting online work and investment.


HSC cooperates with Marvy Co. launching a brand new mini game

With the goal of turning the stock investment process into a fun and engaging gaming experience, HSC has partnered with Marvy Co and launched the Web Game "Chứng Sĩ Về Bờ" with two main experiences: “Lao Động Hăng Say", a mini-game that allows players to "accumulate assets" to invest in the experience of "Giương Buồm Ra Khơi", a stock trading simulation game.

The three main characters of the Game “Lao động hăng say”: King, Quan Van, and Quan Vo are inspired by the three characters of the same name from the History of Truyen Ky, a Fanpage that makes comical content about investing stock. To make the three characters fit with the mini-game interface, Marvy Co. Redesigned the characters using Mesh Tool to create a 3D effect on a 2D design style, combining the Chibi style to create a playful and lovely feeling.

Items and obstacles are inspired by the three mascots of the Securities world, Bear, Bull, and Shark, combined with a coin with the HSC logo that appears throughout the Game of Hard Work. The gold coin and the green bull symbolize the bull market and the advantages of the stock market are two items. On the contrary, the bear represents the bear market, and the shark represents the fearsome Investors with abundant potential, and seasoned investors should watch out for, are two of The main obstacles of the game.


With the number of points just achieved, players can start investing in stocks. The types of stocks on the market are simulated as a miniature “exchange” and players only need to touch each to see information about the company that owns it, as well as to make Buys and Sells.

In addition to character design and all game assets, UX / UI design, programming two experiences "Hard work" and "Sail to sea", Marvy Co. also performs the programming of the CMS system, helping HSC to monitor and manage the Game as well as the access history, the number of plays, and the total assets of the players.


Not only a pioneer in applying AR/VR to Marketing in Vietnam, but Marvy Co. is also a partner of many brands/businesses in game programming and development on all platforms.


To apply AR/VR/Game for your next Marketing campaign, contact us today for a consultation:



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