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8 attractive and innovative ways to give vouchers through Mini Games

In the current digital economy, using vouchers to encourage customers to purchase goods and services from businesses has become more popular than ever before..

To create differentiation and attract the attention of customers, many businesses have turned to combine vouchers with minigames - a novel and attractive way to gift customers. In this article, let's explore 9 ways that businesses can use voucher and minigame combinations to create attraction and increase engagement with potential customers.

=> Marvy will reveal 8 exciting ways to gift vouchers combined with minigames, helping businesses attract and increase engagement with potential customers.

1. Gift by points:

With this method, players will receive points when they complete the game levels.

-> This is a gamification marketing method, in which, to get vouchers from the brand, players need to participate in the game and try to achieve higher scores.
For example, after reaching 500 points, players can receive a 10% discount voucher for the business's products.

The point-based gifting method is a very common way that many businesses choose to gift customers. Accumulating points not only makes customers feel excited while playing the game but also allows them to exchange attractive gifts from the promotional program.

Furthermore, businesses can easily track customer activities through the CMS system, thereby optimizing their business strategies and strengthening relationships with customers.

In addition to giving discount vouchers, businesses can also use points to gift free products, services, or other valuable prizes. For example, when customers reach 1000 points, they may be gifted a special gift combo or sample combo from the brand.

2. Reward-based on the leaderboard:

With this approach, players will compete with each other to be at the top of the leaderboard. The top players will receive attractive rewards from the promotion program, such as special gifts or discount vouchers.

The reward based on the leaderboard creates a competitive playing field, motivating customers to strive for the top position on the leaderboard. This makes the game more interesting, and the feeling of playing is not only for entertainment but also to achieve a higher achievement compared to other players.

The reward based on the leaderboard also helps businesses attract the attention of potential customers. By preparing attractive rewards, businesses can create an effective promotion program and attract many customers.

However, to ensure fairness in the competition process on the leaderboard, developers need to ensure that the scoring system is fair and free of errors. Rewards also need to be designed to suit the target audience that the business wants to target and ensure objectivity throughout the campaign.

3. Gifting through daily check-ins:

With this method, players will be required to check in to the game every day to receive attractive rewards. When customers regularly check in and receive attractive rewards, they will feel cared for and nurtured by the business.

Rewarding players through daily check-ins can also stimulate them to regularly access the business's game. When players frequently access the game, they will form habits related to the game and have a deep impression of the brand. Specifically, this is a method that helps increase brand recognition, thereby also increasing the likelihood of shopping or using the business's services.

4. Random gifting:

Providing players with the opportunity to receive attractive random gifts upon completing a round not only enhances the appeal of the game but also generates surprise and excitement for the player.

By utilizing this approach, businesses can give away gifts of varying value such as free products, discount vouchers, or special prizes. Random gifting not only attracts more attention from customers but also creates opportunities for them to experience and try out new products from the business.

However, to effectively implement random gifting, businesses need to pay attention to designing fun and brand-appropriate mini-games. Additionally, the gifting process should be managed and controlled to avoid wasting the resources and costs of the business.

5. Get a voucher by sharing via Facebook:

This approach requires players to share information about the game on their personal page in order to receive a gift. This helps businesses increase their reach and attract new customers through social media sharing. Players will also feel excited to share information about their favorite game on their personal page while also receiving attractive rewards from the promotional program.

6. Inviting friends to play the game:

With this approach, players can invite friends to join the game and receive extra plays per day or attractive rewards from the promotional program. This helps increase the spread of the game and creates interaction between customers and businesses.

Furthermore, inviting friends to play the game not only increases the number of players but also creates interaction between customers and businesses. Players will feel excited to participate in the promotional program and share their interesting game experiences with their friends.

In addition, gifting when inviting friends to play the game also helps create a connection between players and businesses. Small but attractive rewards from the promotional program will make customers feel cared for and encouraged. This helps increase the customer retention rate and creates a long-term relationship between the two parties.

7. Get vouchers for special game events: 

With this method, the business will organize special events in the game to attract the attention and participation of players. Players participating in the event will receive vouchers or other attractive gifts at specific times when the special program takes place.

These events can be tournaments, special games, or commemorative activities for holidays. These special events can be scheduled during periods with the least number of players, such as noon or midnight, to attract customers to access the game. With this method, the PNJ brand has applied it to the AR web game "..shines with its own unique features" with a gold and diamond distribution event at specific times on certain days during the campaign.

8. Get the voucher by challenge and Leveling System:

With this method, businesses will create a challenge and level system for their customers. As players progress through each level, they will receive vouchers or various attractive rewards.

The challenge and level system also helps businesses to customize and efficiently control the distribution of rewards to their customers. By setting up different levels and providing appropriate challenges for each level, businesses can ensure that customers always have a specific goal to achieve and remain interested.

Providing attractive rewards for different levels also increases competition among players, thereby encouraging them to strive to complete challenges and reach higher levels to receive special rewards. Furthermore, using this method helps businesses gather information about the behavior and preferences of their customers, which can be used to develop and optimize their products and services more accurately.

Moreover, regularly updating and upgrading the features in the minigame is also important to maintain the interest and participation of customers. Just a few new and exciting features or updates can create a new wave in the player community.


Some examples of AR games combining different forms of voucher giveaways include:


1. PNj minigame

A typical example of combining minigames and promotional programs is the AR Game "Choose your own voucher, shine with your unique style" by PNJ, a company specializing in gold, silver, and gemstones. In this game, the number of points earned will be converted into shopping vouchers of corresponding value.

PNJ also applies the method of randomly giving gifts during certain hours such as 0h, 8h, 12h, and 18h. With the AR Game, players can receive valuable gifts in addition to discount vouchers.

"Choose your own voucher, shine with your unique style" is not only deployed as a unique online game campaign but is also implemented in offline events at busy shopping centers, successfully attracting hundreds of participants and welcoming thousands of visitors to explore the brand's jewelry products.

2. Heneiken AR game

An example of a random voucher giveaway is the "Heneiken AR Game". In this game, during the golden hour, participants are instructed to scan the QR code on the stage or standees around to access the game. Then, pointing their phones toward the stage, they will see gift boxes falling down. By clicking on any gift box, participants will receive a random gift. Thousands of people have participated and won attractive prizes such as iPhone 13, Bluetooth headphones, and many other exciting gifts.

3. AR Game Hado Hunter. 

This is a point-based game with a voucher exchange format. In this gameplay, players will participate in hunting monsters at AEON Mall Ha Dong shopping center. At the end of each play session, players can collect vouchers worth the corresponding number of points they have earned, and then use the vouchers on the AEON MALL Vietnam app.

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