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Oreo celebrates their 110th birthday with Game Campaign “Blowing cakes”

110th birthday is a "rare and hard to find" occasion for brands to assert their position in the market as well as shorten the distance with customers, but not all brands can make good use of the opportunity. such as Oreo – the top favorite cookie brand in the world..

To continue the campaign: "Blow out the best candles - Win a gift" causing fever in the online community, Oreo has continued to launch a new Photo Quiz Candle blowing Game, with a chance to win gifts up to 110 million and thousands of prizes. other bonus

Unlike marketing campaigns on social media, this time Oreo has created a separate QR code that leads to the web game and is printed right on its product packaging. When the customer buys the product, the customer will be able to easily scan the code and play the game

With this campaign, players only need to enter their name, phone number, and date of birth into the game. You can also choose your favorite cake, which is the Oreo cookie, or the one that has been popular with customers recently, Oreo Chocopie.

Steps to join the game:

1. Scan the QR code on the product packaging or visit the link 

2. Enter information: Name, date of birth, and phone number to receive a prize of thousands of scratch cards with different denominations

3. Choose an Oreo cake according to your preference

4. Fill in the name and enter the wish or refer to the available wishes

5. Take a breath and blow on the screen like blowing real candles: After blowing out the candles, lucky customers will have a chance to receive gifts

What is Mini Games and Gamification?

Mini-games are one of the new forms of advertising, allowing businesses to create unique games, videos, and interactive experiences to capture the attention of customers. The campaign "Oreo Celebrate 110 Years Old With Photo Quiz Campaign" is a good example of a minigame application to create a unique and exciting experience for users in the new age.


Gamification using AR technology is also a new advertising strategy that businesses can use to increase customer interaction and enhance their brand value for many reasons such as:

1. Increase customer interaction: Gamification will create an interactive experience between customers and brands, making it easier for them to interact and better understand the product or service that the business is providing. Games can create excitement and curiosity in customers, making them want to learn more about brands and products.

2. Increase the number of potential customers: When an attractive game is developed, players will share information about it with friends, family, and social networks, helping your brand reach a wide range of potential customers. greater capacity.

3. Cost savings: Gamification can save costs compared to other traditional forms of advertising. Developing an online game may not cost more than developing a traditional advertising campaign, such as print or television.

4. Increase brand credibility: If customers see that your brand has invested in developing a fun and quality game, users will be more inclined to respect and trust the brand.

Gamification is a cost-effective and effective method to increase customer engagement and enhance your brand value. If done correctly, a marketing campaign using this form can help you attract new customers and retain old customers for your business.

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