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AEON MALL HA DONG - the first place in Vietnam to apply AR Game 

Marvy Co develops AR games applied in E-commerce for commercial centers in Vietnam.

Marvy Co appreciates to be a partner with AEON MALL HA DONG.


1. Game Description:

Hado the Hunter launched during Christmas 2021 at AEON Mall Ha Dong, with the concept of shooting animals to collect gold coins and redeem rewards. Developing the game logic equivalent to Pokemon Go, you have to travel in real space to find the virtual worm and shoot them. The game turns to change the customer experience when shopping at Aeon Mall and promoting AEON Mall app.


2. Target Player:

Inspired by games designed with 3D animation style, Hado the Hunter Game is suitable for all types of players, especially young people. With the idea from AEON MALL Ha Dong's mascot as a lion, the Marvy team created two character lines.

- Hado is the main character shaped from a lion

- A hyena is made as the villain.

- Game space: inspired by Van Phuc Village to create a scene of trees, silkworms, worms, and obstacles that appear in the game.


3. How to play:

Players download the game Hado The Hunter on CH Play or Apple Store. This is the first AR game in Vietnam with 2 game modes for individuals and groups:


+Single Player: User scans the ground to pop up objects, touch the button to use slingshot to shoot silkworms. Each silkworm will have a certain amount of blood, when defeating the worm will drop the item. In the game there will be 2 NPCs, lions will help players collect gold, hyenas will steal items. Users can collect items by themselves by getting close and touching them.


+ Multiplayer: Same rule for 1 player, except there will be no NPC. There will be a maximum of 5 players.

You can play over and over again thanks to the replay mode, after receiving the score corresponding to the number of coins collected. You can use it to redeem your voucher at AEON Mall Vietnam's official app.



4. Game duration

30 seconds per turn (can play repeatedly)

If you are passionate about time-pressure shooters, Hado The Hunter is a great choice. Challenge within 1 minute 30 you have to find and shoot the most colorful silkworms (the type to score), then move to collect gold coins or vouchers before the Villain hyenas arrive and steal them. And note that if you hit the black silkworms, your points will be deducted.


5. Development time

60 days

In just 2 months, the Marvy team finished from 2D and 3D graphics to game logic development, administration page programming and game editing, and managing the voucher appearance rate when shooting down the target.


6. Outstanding AR Development

- Using ARCore and ARkit for AR Developing is compatible with many mobile devices.

- Especially: Using AR Geolocation and GPS location of the phone to play games at AEON MALL Ha Dong. Only people standing within a 100m radius of AEON MALL Ha Dong's Future Hall can play the game, which improves the Mall's exclusive participation and gets customers attention to the Mall.



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Co-founder of Marvy Co.

I'm Khang, Co-founder of Marvy Co. Our company is one of the first and the biggest AR/VR developer in Vietnam. With years of experience in developing AR effects, I hope my knowledge can help agencies and brands understand more about AR and how to use it to boost your marketing campaigns.


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