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Hado the Hunter AR Game play at Ha Dong Aeon Mall Hanoi

Hado The Hunter AR Game is using Geo Location technology as Pokemon Go

With the intention to bring excitement to customers who experience services at AEON MALL Ha Dong, Marvy Team collabed with AEON MALL Ha Dong to launch an AR game that is extremely fantastic and easy to play on all platforms.


Scope of Work

  • - Concept Design
  • - UI UX Design
  • - 3D Modeling and Animation
  • - AR Development
  • - Game Development
  • - WebAR Development

Types of AR used

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AR Geo Location

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AR Event


Concept & Characters Design

Inspired by games designed with cute 3D animation, Game Hado Hunter is suitable for all types of players, especially children. With the idea of using AEON MALL mascot, a lion, Marvy Co team created two characters: 

  1. Hado is the main character shaped like a lion.
  2. Villain is shaped like a hyena is the villain. 
  3. Space: with the inspiration from Van Phuc Village image, we created scenes of trees, silkworms, worms, and obstacles that appear in the game.


UI & UX Design

UI UX is short for User Interface and User Experience. These are two very important factors in game design. 

- UI: Easy-to-play interface, using images of cartoon characters to create excitement for children and fun for adults.




- UX: With the aim of creating a user-friendly game, Marvy's development team designed a simple game layout with clear play button positions, with detailed information and instructions, suitable for both adults and children. Users can play immediately and directly, no need to log in or register online.



3D Modelling & Animation

  • 3D Model

3D Asset is professionally optimized by Marvy Co to ensure performance when used in realtime applications where minimization of capacity factor is required. The model is constructed with only 500-1000 polygons / 1 model, providing a beautiful, complete visual, but still ensures performance for players on the phone. This step is important because any minor deflect in the pre-production process can greatly affect the performance of the game. 

The understanding of modeling, UV, texturing and the render system is Marvy Co's outstanding strengths to fulfill our client's requirements.

  • Animation

Optimized from rigging to keyframe, ensuring smooth animation while still ensuring high performance.


Hado and Vilian


  •  Sound Effect: 

Combined with fun sounds to create background music contributes to the game's liveliness

AR Development & Special Features

- Using ARCore and ARkit for AR development is compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices.

- Using AR Geo location and GPS location of mobile phones to play at AEON MALL Ha Dong. Only people standing within a 100m radius of AEON MALL Ha Dong's Future Hall can play the game, which increases the Mall's exclusive experience and attracts customers to the Mall even more. 

- Indoor GPS signal will have a very large error (5-10m), Marvy Co has thoroughly solved this problem by taking advantage of wifi signal, bluetooth to calculate the exact location of the user.

- By connecting the game to the Voucher system of AEON Mall Vietnam's main app, when users play the game, they will accumulate points and redeem a real, valid voucher at AEON Mall.

- Optimal developing quality for each 3D Model, ensuring that when integrating the game will meet the requirements regarding image, color, space.

- The character movements are flexible. The game logic is easy to play and understand.

- Players can download the game directly on AppStore (IOS) or CH Play (Android).

- Developing with CMS system in order to manage game content and save time for updating game content on App store (IOS) and CH play (Android).




How to play

- Players can choose the single player or group game mode.

- Put your phone in the space of AEON MALL to search for silkworms and shoot them down while shooting and collecting gold coins in 3 minutes. When each silkworm is shot down, the character HADO representing the player will run to collect gold coins, if they do not run in time, the Villain will steal them. Especially if the player hits the black worm, points will be deducted.

- At the end of each game, players collect lots of gold coins, click on CHANGE to receive a voucher from APP AEON MALL Vietnam which is linked directly to the app game.

+ Single Player: User scans the ground to pop up the objects, tap the button shoot to use the slingshot to shoot down silkworms. Each silk worm will have a certain amount of health, when the worm is defeated, it will drop the item. There will be 2 NPCs in the game, the lion will help the player to collect the gold, the hyena will steal the items. Users can collect the items by themselves by getting near and tapping on the items.

+ Multiplayer: The rule is the same with single-player except there will be no NPCs. There will be up to 5 players.




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