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AR Card Programming Service At Marvy Co.

With Marvy Co., customers have more options when deploying AR cards for corporate events. With AR Card using Image Tracking, the entire experience is programmed to work on the hard card. With AR Cardless, users only need to scan the plane to experience AR animation with AR World - AR Space technology..

What is AR Card?


AR Card or AR Postcard, as the name suggests, is a type of card that combines AR technology to display 2D / 3D images or videos on a hard card, also known as AR Image Tracking technology - Image Target, with the goal of attracting customers and enhancing the user experience.

With this type of card, users only need to follow these steps:

  • Scan QR code
  • Turn on the camera and point the phone at the card
  • Experience the animations on the device


Features of AR Card


2D / 3D Design

The 2D/3D design is programmed to act according to the scenario, helping to increase the customer experience. Besides, the brand logo and all 2D images and 3D models can be designed according to the brand identity of the business. With Marvy Co., customers can completely get attractive 2D designs, to eye-catching 3D models.


The AR invitation card for the Tiktok Award 2020 event with the 3D model is a rotating animated Tiktok trophy with fireworks effects.


AR postcard in the campaign to promote the MV Tuong Tu by rapper Táo with a 3D model made by Marvy Co. meticulous and precise execution.



Similar to 2D design and 3D modeling, integrating video into invitations is also a way to significantly increase customer experience. This is an extremely suitable feature for events such as movie launches, and press conferences, ...


Event invitation cards from Edelweiss integrated video animation.



Besides the attractive video and alluring designs, visual effects are also one of the bold highlights, making animation more attractive.


The 2020 New Year greeting card from Marvy Co. integrated VFX is extremely creative and attractive.


Theme Music

At Marvy Co., customers can deploy eye-catching AR cards that incorporate vibrant music. Besides, we also program sound effects to make the animations more vivid and interesting.


2021 Lunar New Year AR card from FPT integrated exciting Tet music.


Website integration


The website integration feature makes it possible for users to switch to Tuong Tu MV on Youtube by touching the lead button.


AR Cardless


At Marvy Co., customers have more options when we have launched the AR Cardless Programming service - AR invitations that display content in Augmented Reality environment by scanning the plane (plan / surface tracking) with AR World - AR Space technology.



With AR cardless, businesses can optimize time and ensure that guests will receive invitations through the automatic sending system. At the same time, customers only need a simple operation in 1 QR to see the location, the navigation feature is integrated into the invitation card to guide guests to the event place, especially can directly watch the trailer of the movie or music video.



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Co-founder of Marvy Co.

I'm Khang, Co-founder of Marvy Co. Our company is one of the first and the biggest AR/VR developer in Vietnam. With years of experience in developing AR effects, I hope my knowledge can help agencies and brands understand more about AR and how to use it to boost your marketing campaigns.


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