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AR Filter 'Shine confidently, supporting the Woman community' from L'Oreal Paris

The program to support women's empowerment "Chinh Nu - Be the main character in your story" was introduced by L'Oréal Paris on the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8, 2021..

This is an activity to contribute to L'Oréal Paris's "Women of Worth" honoring program across the globe in order to honor the role models of courage to rise and shine. create positive inspiration for the community from Vietnamese women.

The program also invites 3 special characters to represent: singer Pham Quynh Anh, singer Lynk Lee and Vlogger Giang, all promotional videos are based on inspirational stories from the daily lives of celebrities. this character.

AR Filter technology application

L'Oreal Paris Vietnam uses AR Filter technology, with the background image using the text: 'ChinhNu - The main character in your story', the part of the users's image will be in the shining circle below. This filter helps users to express their charm, modern but equally strong and energetic, in order to enhance the position of Vietnamese women in today's modern society. Affirm that you are the “main” person in your life.

How to use?

Step 1: Users using smartphones access the link: to use Filter

Step 2: Use your smartphone's camera to capture your image with the background of the Filter behind Filter

Step 3: Save and set the user's image as facebook avatar. When changing avatars with the Chinh Nu filter, users and L'Oréal Paris contributed 10,000 VND to the Chinh Nu fund and participated in a campaign to support Vietnamese women.

Effective as soon as the program is happening

The "Chinh Nu" project is expected to last for 2 years with a variety of support activities for women. This activity includes training and supporting women to recognize their beauty and change their image to become more confident at work and in social interactions.

Although the program is currently ongoing, with more than 20,000 people talking about the topic on Facebook, this can be considered a very successful start to the program from this beauty company.

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