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Compilation of interesting AR Mini Games in Vietnam

FMCG brands, cosmetic brands and entertainment businesses are choosing AR mini game..

To set their marketing campaigns aside from competitors’, brands are looking for a way to develop AR mini games on social media

AR mini games offer impressive and unique experience to attract audience and boost campaign’s performance. AR mini games are develope to run on Facebook or Instagram, it doesn’t take much effort to test the game’s performance and stability.

With a wide game category, marketers can get creative all they want to create campaigns that will make the audience go “Wow”. Let’s take a look at some AR mini games from big brands in Vietnam

1. Lazada's AR MiniGame - Funfarm AR Filter

Lazada’ Furnfarm AR filter has to be on top of the list. This filter was launched on Jun 25, 2020 on Instagram. It’s an interactive game that tracks facial movement and users can control the game with front camera.

Here’s how to play it:                                                   

- Step 1. Find filter at Instagram

- Step 2: Move your face to manipulate Lazada’s cart and catch the fruits falling from above

- Step 3. Screenshot the highest score and share on Instagram with the hashtag #Lazfunfarm to receive gifts from lazada

Lazada is one of the e-commerce companies that invest a lot in technology to promote. By utilizing AR technology in online and offline activities, Lazada always brings “wow” elements to their customers.

2. AR Filter Innisfree

Cosmetic brands can use AR filter technology as a marketing tool. Therefore, in the promotion campaign for the Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X product, Innisfree offers customers a new way to interact with the brand by calling inni-friends to join their minigame for a chance to win a VOUCHER worth 500,000 VND on Instagram.

How to use the filter:

- Step 1: Access the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 2X AR filter at

- Step 2: Interact with the filter as shown in the video below

- Step 3: Tag @innisfreevietnam and share it publicly on your personal instagram story

Innisfree is proving the efforts they’ve put in marketing campaigns are boosting their name in Vietnamese market.  Implementing AR techonology in mini games was a bright move to take


 3. Sunworld AR Minigame - Experience resort like a god

As creative as Sunworld, the unique god-themed AR filter recieved lots of love and reactions from customers. Discover now which god you are in 2021 with this AR Minigame. Try out AR filter with just 1 simple step:

- Click on the link to discover the super interesting filter "Who are you in 2021?" with Sun Group. The filters will be randomly generated and you’ll get a random god (i.e. god of fortune, god of luck, etc.)


 4. Estee Lauder's Minigame AR Filter

Have you tried the exclusive filter yet? Let's show

everyone your selfie with “Estee Lauder muse” filter and see how beautiful you become, visit this link

off a trendy selfie with the Estée Lauder muse to see how beautiful you will become, by visiting the link

AR filter with face smoothing and quote generating feature will bring surprising elements to users, fascinating them with beautiful filters and inspirational quotes, making them want to play with the filter and over again



It’s easy to see why brands are taking advantage of AR mini games for their campaigns: the implementation is simple, brands can achieve wide reach and popularity through it, and customers can easily participate. . Especially with the flexibility in programming, marketers can create content that matches the brand or the message of the campaign. Messages and ideas are important, but how they are delivered is equally important.


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