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What Facebook campaigns can you create with AR technology?

Facebook is an effective platform to run marketing campaigns on with the implementation of AR technology..

4 applications of AR technology that can help brands reach target customers are: Facebook AR Filter, AR minigame, Playable Ads and Story Swipe Up Game.

This article contains an overview for brands that are considering using Facebook as a principal platform to advertise their upcoming campaigns.

 1. AR Filter Facebook

Local brands and global brands are now getting their own signature filters developed to promote their products.

AR filters are effects and virtual objects overlaying over real-life surroundings and only visible on Facebook/Instagram camera

Brands have been utilizing AR Filter to advertise products such as OMO, MILO, Free Fire, Merries, etc. The advantages of AR filters will be key answer to why brands need to implement AR technology in their marketing strategy?

 Recently, Free Fire has used AR filter as part in their game launching campaign “Skyler” to promote the game character. You can try it out at


- Aside from enhancing facial features, AR filters are developed with features that match brands’ requirements. For instance: Try On feature for cosmetic brands, fashion brands, accessory brands. AR developers can create a filter menu for users to choose products to try on from.

- Easy to approach users, and since this type of AR is launched on social media platforms; you can create Facebook ads for AR filters to achieve higher efficiency, attract more audience and boost awareness.

- Users can easily save the filter to their filter library and use it as many times as they want to.

- Integrate “Shop Now” button linked to the brand's official website, encouraging users to buy products immediately.


2. AR Minigame Facebook

To set marketing campaigns aside from competitors’ , brands tend to look for a way to implement AR technology, especially AR mini games. To connect with customers, a brand can’t just post regular content with regular photos on social media. It’s not encouraging enough for the audience to pay attention to or engage with the post. Whistle, AR mini games have many suitable features for brands to choose from.



- AR mini games are entertaining and playable on Facebook news feed; therefore they can easily attract a large number of players.

- AR developers can design custom games tailored to your field of business.

- Short game development time, suitable for advertising campaigns to launch new products or promotion campaigns.

3. Playable Ads

Playable ads are interactive advertising that businesses can run on Facebook's News Feed. And exactly as the name implies - “Playable Ads”, Playable Ads allows users to play a game in the ad shown on Facebook without having to download the game to decide whether or not they like it.

Momo is one of the most successful brands using Playable Ads. Just one week after the launch, their Playable Ad “Lắc Xì 2021” attracted more than 3 million participants.



- AR developers can integrate Gamification – the application of game elements in different fields other than Gaming industry.

 - The purpose of applying Gamification is to boost app download rate, increase sales, and connect with users via applications and software such as websites or mobile applications.


4. Swipe up Facebook game

Unlike Playable Ads, the Swipe up game is a whole different experience since it allows users to play the game on Facebook Story.


- Playable ads can integrate  “Shop Now” button to guide users to brand’s official website

- Unlike Instagram, whose policy allows only accounts with green ticks and over 10,000 followers to create Swipe Up games, Facebook is a free land for every business whether they’re big or small.  

- You can run ads regularly on stories, nowadays users tend to swipe through stories more than scrolling news feed.

- Short game development time, suitable for repeated use in long-term campaigns.



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