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French eyewear company uses AR Filter on Instagram to launch creative glasses

Using artificial intelligence, French eyewear company - Bollé has developed an innovative stylish sports lens..

Until now, AR marketing has allowed consumers to try different products and see what they look like when they try them on. Bollé takes things even further. Their Instagram AR campaign not only allows users to see what they look like wearing the new product line, but also see the world through it.

Why are these sunglasses so special? The company used artificial intelligence (AI) to create a unique lens formula that provides the highest contrast experience. Bollé's entire line of sport and lifestyle sunglasses for the Spring/Summer 2021 collection will feature this lens technology.


Introducing Volt+: AI-powered lenses

Bollé specializes in the production of cycling helmets, ski goggles and helmets, sunglasses for various sports - from mountain climbing to water sports. The company prides itself on the high quality of its lenses, which provide optimal protection from UVA/UVB rays and help the user to see clearly what is in front of them.

After all, ideal vision is crucial in recreational and competitive sports such as skiing and cycling, where athletes reach high speeds and need to be able to see obstacles from a distance. far enough to avoid them.

To create the new lens, called Volt+, Bollé partnered with the company HUE.AI, which together analyzed more than 20 million lens formulations. Now that they've found the perfect match, the company wants to show users how it works through an innovative Instagram AR Filter campaign.


What's special about Volt+?

According to Bollé, their new lenses provide high contrast, enhance all colors and give users a better sense of depth without affecting white balance.

“We have set high standards to be a leader in innovation and technology in the development and creation of sports helmets and eyewear”, said Head of Product and Innovation at Bollé, Tove Fritzell said.

“That sense of discovery will inspire a variety of colorful and diverse experiences for customers,” said Chris Abbruzzese - Vice President, Head of Commercial Marketing, Bollé North America.


Creative AR Instagram campaign

Bollé wants to convince users of the unprecedented innovation in the company's new lens formula in the simplest way possible: by letting them try it on the Volt+ range, they now don't have to go to the glasses store and just use 1 smartphone.

The company developed the Instagram AR Filter campaign in partnership with M7 Innovations and QReal. The "try on" campaign encourages users to see the world around them through Volt+ lenses.


Previous success with AR technology

The Instagram's latest AR campaign, called Rediscover Earth - isn't the first collaboration between Bollé, creative agency - M7 Innovations, and AR developer - QReal. In 2020, they created another AR campaign and gave users a safe, touchless and realistic shopping experience for customers.

The success of that partnership prompted Bollé to work with these creative and tech partners once again for a new AR Instagram campaign.

“Bollé has really established itself as a dynamic, innovative brand by using cutting-edge technology like AI and AR. While many brands have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, Bollé saw an opportunity to turn the tide and stay connected through interesting, engaging, and short-lived AR campaigns of just under 18 seconds, this is impressive”, said Matt Maher - founder of M7 Innovations. “And now with AI, they've created a cutting edge lens technology that users can experience through the company's AR campaign, demonstrating the value, success, and power of using these technologies. this innovative technology”.

If you want to try the lens designed by Volt + AI, click this link on your mobile phone or scan the QR code below.


Some images from using the Volt+:


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