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How Cosmetic Brands Have Deployed AR Filters On Multi-Platforms

The application of technology in the beauty industry has increased sharply compared to the previous time. It can be said that AR is a powerful visual tool for conveying ideas..

In recent years, along with the boom in technology, the cosmetics industry has gradually changed with unique types of services. Therefore, the application of technology in the beauty industry has increased sharply compared to the previous time. It can be said that AR is a powerful visual tool for conveying ideas.

According to a reliable survey of many newspapers about business and customer psychology, the majority pointed out that online shopping takes a lot of time for customers, but does not bring a sense of security. about the actual product.

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Grasping the psychology of customers, many of the world's leading cosmetic brands have applied AR technology as an effective solution that can completely solve those two problems of customers, and at the same time satisfy customers. consumers, creating a new era for this industry.

Let's take a look at how famous cosmetic brands have applied AR technology to their campaigns with Marvy!


AR on E-commerce platforms

  • L’oréal

L'Oréal is a prime example of a cosmetics company pioneering AR technology to enhance the user experience. L'Oréal has partnered with Shopee to launch a beauty care application based on AI and AR technology.

With Shopee BeautyCam and Effaclar Spotscan, users can easily experiment with L'Oréal's lipstick tones and receive advice on the right skin care to overcome acne and L'Oréal products.

  • Lazada

Lazada also does not stand still to lose to competitors. In March 2022, Lazada launched an application using Virtual Try On technology based on a combination of AI and AR. Customers can immerse themselves in virtual makeup styles, and try beauty products from lipstick, powder, foundation, and even hair color in a short time, but the quality of the images and designs is still not too different from the ones in real life.

Users have the opportunity to experience their favorite products simply and quickly, increasing satisfaction and confidence in product quality.

Both campaigns took place on the largest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, which is a prime example of how AR technology can be integrated into your business. The application of AR to the E-commerce platform will help increase revenue and sales, once they have tried the product they want, customers will no longer hesitate to make a decision when they want to experience it.

AR filter has provided users with valuable and useful entertainment experiences, helping them learn more about the brand's products, and modern digital technology platforms, as well as learn more tips on makeup and skin care.

Check out more AR filter campaigns that Marvy has done here 


AR on social media


We are no longer strangers to the popular AR filters on Facebook and Instagram, always in the top trends and favored by users who like to take pictures to check in but don't have to spend time editing photos. sophisticated through many steps.


Famous cosmetic brands in the world also take advantage of developing their own unique AR filters that make users really excited:

  • Nivea Micellar Water

With the slogan: "One step cleans all stains", Nivea produces filters with many different makeup styles, dynamic personalities, and youthful creativity,... Whatever the style, with just one step, Nivea's makeup remover can remove all the most stubborn makeup layers.


  • The Body Shop

Skin care enthusiasts are no strangers to the brand "The Body Shop". To further promote the newly launched serum line, this brand has also applied an AR filter in combination with mini-games to increase awareness about environmental protection.


  • MAC Cosmetic

MAC is also a familiar brand for young people who love make-up, in this campaign. MAC launched a new mascara product,  users experience a charming curled eyelash with the filter. Users can control the volume bar to adjust the thickness they want like applying mascara.

AR technology has been integrated into Facebook and Instagram, the largest social networking platforms in Vietnam. Next, we saw the birth of Effect House, a tool exclusively for AR developers, developing AR filters (also known as TikTok effects) on the entertainment platform TikTok. Trends of transformation by make-up random viral last time. Where users will dress up their makeup style according to the filter's choice.

Creating campaigns using their products will help brands achieve performance in branding, and brand recognition, ... And if the brand is targeting young customers, who want to rejuvenation for your brand, then this will be a marketing solution not to be missed.


AR at the point of sales 


Wella AG is a German brand that develops hair care products. This brand has also joined the technology and beauty revolution with the magic mirror “Artemis Smart Mirror”. This device provides information to the user about the condition of the hair and provides appropriate hair care.

Different from traditional posters and advertisements, this AR technology has helped Wella AG's customers enjoy a new and exciting experience, making a difference in product advertising campaigns, helping The brand not become boring, but on the contrary, it is quite contagious, improving the user experience to the maximum.

The application of this technology at the point of sale such as in the main store, or kiosin the commercial center where there are many visitors, will increase the number of visitors, stimulate curiosity, and crowd effect that back a good result for your store.

Another advantage is to increase the interaction between customers and brands as much as possible, this is one of the things that marketers always want to bring their business.


AR on websites for selling products

Ganier has also integrated AR technology on its website, in order to help customers easily choose the hair color they want from many different brands. With the following simple steps, customers can easily make a decision on how to refurbish their hair.

  • Step 1: Choose your favorite brand
    Step 2: Open your device's camera, select the desired shade of hair, hair color, shape and length of hair. Then press the “Try On” button.
    Step 3: Choose the styles and colors that suit you

This feature of Ganier has helped girls who often wonder if this hair color is suitable for their face to quickly make a purchase decision.

Besides, when customers buy on the website, with these useful features will help increase the website's reliability and rating score. Increase SEO performance for your website


It can be seen that the inclusion of AR technology in marketing activities has become a trend among brands. Thanks to the new utilities and experiences it brings, AR becomes a useful bridge between customers and brands, helping suppliers understand more and meet the desired needs of customers.

And perhaps, in the future of the digital age of 4.0, 5.0, and more, the AR "golden weapon" will be invested more and more strongly, providing an optimal experience for customers, and bringing maximum value. Multi-level brand recognition.

Currently, Marvy is one of the leading units in applying virtual reality in marketing, with many rich and high-value virtual reality content such as 360 video, 3D printing products, and XR showroom … If you really want to make a breakthrough in your brand marketing campaign, contact us today.

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