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Top Brand Implement Marketing Combined with TikTok Effect Successfully

Not only is it used as a form of entertainment experience, today, TikTok Effect is also applied as a professional advertising form, supporting effective product and brand promotion..

TikTok has been and is an entertainment platform used by many brands as an effective and potential marketing channel. With TikTok, businesses can deploy 4 professional forms of advertising:

  • In-feed ads 
  • Brand takeover 
  • Hashtag challenge 
  • Branded Effect

Same to Facebook and Instagram's AR Filter, as well as Snapchat's AR Lens, TikTok Effect is an augmented reality (AR) effect used to capture interesting videos through the app's camera. Not only is it used as a form of entertainment experience, but today, TikTok Effect is also applied as a professional advertising form, supporting effective product and brand promotion.

With TikTok Effect, brands can deploy images and product information through unique designs, combining effects from interesting AR technology.


In this article, join Marvy Co. Let's take a look at the brands that have successfully implemented marketing campaigns combined with TikTok Effect in Vietnam.




As a toothpaste brand with a certain influence in the Vietnamese market, at present, Colgate is also one of the leading businesses in the marketing trend combining TikTok Effect with videos with tens of millions of views and a series of creative Effects.


Campaign “Chọn chất rap riêng, thăng hạng tự tin”


As a campaign to promote Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste in collaboration with rapper Lang LD, Colgate used AR hand tracking technology, allowing players to activate effects when performing movements like hi-five, and rock' n roll, confidently and achieved 1.2 BILLION views, with the participation of many KOLs such as Bach Ngoc Anh Thu, Choco.


Campaign “Điệu nhảy X10 tự tin”


With TikTok Effect "Điệu nhảy x10 tự tin" (Confident x10 dance), Colgate has applied gamification with impressive gifts like iPhone 13 and JBL speakers. The campaign is even more attractive with the participation of famous faces such as Ciin, Choco, Mr. Virgo,... and 1 BILLION views.


Campaign Colgate Kiss


In the Thai market, Colgate is also one of the brands implementing a successful marketing campaign combining TikTok Effect. To promote the 12.12 Promotion campaign, Colgate Thailand has launched TikTok Effect which uses AR face tracking, triggering an interesting heart effect when users pout.


Campaign Ngày Quốc tế nụ cười


Colgate has launched a campaign to celebrate the International Day of Smiles in 4 countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. To capitalize on TikTok's appeal to a large number of users, Colgate used a variety of methods, including Gamification, Infeed Ads, Hashtag Challenge, and collaboration with famous Tiktokers, and achieved 7.6 BILLION views.




Campaign Share the magic


Coca-Cola sought to capture the interest of Gen Z through its TikTok Share the magic campaign. Coca-Cola teamed up with Khalid, and "Renegade" creator Jalaiah Harmon, to create the #ShareTheMagic hashtag challenge. This challenge highlighted the diversity of creators and encouraged users to express their own way with the soundtrack to Khalid's new song, "Open".




Campaign Move and Mix


In a brand marketing campaign that combines AR and Tiktok technologies, Fanta has launched TikTok Effect using AR body tracking, users can use effects and interesting background music to perform funny dances.

Every time the user's hands and feet touch the musical note items, the item will appear in interesting colors. The campaign has the participation of many familiar faces such as Lilthu, Thanh Meo, Ngo Ngoc Hoa, ... and reached 50.6 million views.




Campaign Viettel + +



In the promotion campaign for customer care service "Viettel ++", Viettel chose the simple dance "Viettel plus plus", catchy and easy to understand, quickly attracting the attention of TikTok users who love Dance Challenge.

After only 10 days of release, the original video of the campaign with the appearance of player Quang Hai and singer Bich Phuong has received 45.8 million views on TikTok, and 14,900 videos using the official song of "Viettel++", and almost 2 million likes. The dance cover contest "Viettel plus plus" has also attracted hundreds of participants, significantly increasing the number of cover videos on TikTok.


3 reasons brands should implement TikTok Effect


In the current digital era, marketing on social networking platforms is no longer a new thing for brands. However, TikTok marketing is becoming the hottest trend in 2023 with the outstanding benefits it brings. Here are three reasons why brands should implement TikTok marketing.

Custom Tik Tok AR Effects for Brands - Digital & Experiential Campaigns

First, AR Effect on TikTok offers an equally interesting experience as Facebook. Thanks to AR technology, brands can create unique effects that make a strong impression on customers. This makes it easier for the brand to reach and remember in the user's mind.

Second, TikTok is a potential and good interaction platform. With nearly 1 billion users worldwide, TikTok is an ideal advertising channel for brands to reach potential customers and increase interaction with users. TikTok also allows brands to connect with the community through challenges, contests, or live streams, helping to increase interaction and build a good brand image.

And finally, TikTok is a platform to reach dynamic young customers. With the average age of TikTok users being 16-24, brands can create content tailored to the audience they want to reach. This helps the brand build a close image and become a part of customers' lives.


TikTok marketing is a way to reach new and potential customers with many attractive benefits for brands. The implementation of TikTok marketing will help brands increase interaction with customers, reach target customers and create a strong impression in the user's mind.

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