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Lazada brings Avenger Universe to year-end party 2020 with Augmented Reality - AR

Lazvenger year-end party exclusively by Lazada..

AR technology - Augmented Reality has created an unprecedented highlight ever, at the Year End Party 2020 event to celebrate 1 year of effective work.

 Lazada's super spectacular Year End Party event

To create an unprecedented highlight ever, at the Year End Party 2020 event celebrating a year of productive work and great achievements, Lazada has 'pampered' its staff with a party. monumental at Landmark 81.

Lazada has been willing to play by applying the most modern technologies such as AR and VR at the party, creating a very new shooting space for all the guests. Unlike previous events, guests taking photos with a simple background, nothing more, now through the phone in your hand you will be photographed with the planets in the universe and the energy circle.

The superhero concept Lavenger aims to convey the message to all employees that a real ‘superhero 'is doing extraordinary things on Lazada's path of development.


Why did Lazada choose AR technology in this event?

1. AR technology is convenient and user-friendly

Selecting AR Scan background image and AR filter facebook, these are two popular and easy to use AR types today. Just with very simple steps when using your phone:

- Step 1: Guests scan the QR code printed on the standee or invitation card at the event, then put the camera in the background to see the AR effects.

.- Step 2:  Then put the camera in the background, immediately the phone screen appears 3D constellations (Venus , Jupiter, ...), unique galactic meteorite and smog. Besides, the spark circle is designed in AR space to help users stand in to take a very "virtual living" picture. Surely fans of the Marvel series will not be able to ignore this opportunity.

With the innovation of AR technology it's easier than ever to make a difference in pictures. Users do not need to download any additional apps but just experience directly on the web (via Chrome, Safari) or Facebook application. Readmore: Marvy Co General Service Listing


2. Suitable for interaction and photography needs at the event

Being one of the first major brands to apply AR technology to offline events. The interesting experience for attendees will be completely different. Still taking pictures and recording videos, but this time the unique images never before will stimulate people to share photos and mention more brands on social networks.


3. Improving brand reputation thanks to technology updates

Marketing Director of Lazada in an interview with the press said: "The e-commerce marketing environment will not give you the opportunity to stagnate or" stale ". The pressure of change has motivated us to be creative, always think of new things, always dynamic and agile to target new customers, and the increasingly expanding groups of internet users in Vietnam. " - According to Repu Digital

It can be seen that Lazada is an young and dynamic brand, so it requires a transformation in the direction of technology. Choosing AR - augmented reality in marketing activities is the right strategy to keep up with the right technology following major brands in Vietnam. Besides, it affirms Lazada's position in the e-commerce market against such strong competitors today.



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