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Make your own KFC Double Down sandwich using AR Filter and AR Product Viewer

Combining AR Filter and AR Product Viewer technology , the AR application on Instagram brings a new and exciting feeling..

On the 10th anniversary of the launch of its KFC Double Down sandwich, KFC New Zealand recently launched an AR Filter Instagram application combined with AR Product Viewer, allows users to make a sandwich in their own way based on the available ingredients of the application.

KFC Double Down is a unique combination from a regular sandwich with fried chicken from the American fast food brand. With bacon, cheese and sauce, the special coating is not 2 regular slices of bread, but two pieces of KFC's original fried chicken.

Make your own KFC Double Down sandwich

Combining AR Filter technology and AR Product Viewer, the AR application on Instagram brings a new and exciting feeling when you manually choose the necessary ingredients to create this unique dish, after completing the dish, you can place it anywhere to capture the 'work' you just created.

How to use

Step 1: First, click on the link and open it with the Instagram app on your phone

Step 2: A window using the camera of AR Filter Instagram will appear, click to switch to the front camera

Step 3: The word "Tap to Start" appears, click on the screen to start the process of creating your own KFC Double Down sandwich, by using your finger to touch the ingredients you want.

Step 4: After completing the sandwich, the application will tell you to switch to the rear camera, then find a flat surface such as a table, chair, etc. to put the sandwich I just finished on it

Step 5: Take a picture and share your newly made KFC Double Down

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