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MARVY GROUP is a Certificated Top-Notch Women-Owned Business on Clutch

MARVY GROUP JSC is extremely proud to be honored on Clutch as one of the leading women-owned businesses in the virtual reality scene!.

Ideas remain in our heads unless we do something about them. Here at MARVY GROUP JSC, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating trailblazing AR/VR solutions and immersive technologies to help our clients express their ingenuity. Based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Marvy team delivers world-class AR VR Game solutions that can run on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WebAR, App and more.

Being skillful in the AR field, MARVY GROUP has earned reputation over the years and worked on many big projects with some of the biggest agencies/brands. Some of MARVY’s greatest projects include: Tetra Pak AR Factory on Soy Milk Cartons, Dorco XR Virtual Exhibition, Heineken 2021 Countdown AR Game & AR backdrop, Sea Games 31 AR Drone Show, etc. The list goes on.



Known for its extensive collection of data-driven content, Clutch is an independent B2B platform designed to help small, midmarket, and large businesses connect with highly-rated service providers. The website curates truthful and insightful content to showcase countless companies from all over the world.

Clutch has an esteemed certification that strives to showcase and spotlight socioeconomically disadvantaged companies. The program allows service providers to self-identify their LGBTQ, minority, and veteran-owned identities.

With that being said, MARVY GROUP JSC is extremely proud to be honored on Clutch as one of the leading women-owned businesses in the virtual reality scene!

"Women's voices provide an essential perspective across multiple industries that help foster innovation and growth. We're proud to highlight these businesses for the great work they've done,” said Clutch Senior Revenue Operations Analyst Radha Ray

Ms Tran Khanh Vy - Founder CEO at Marvy Group said in an interview: ”This certificate is a proof to send a message to many youngsters, especially for women in my country Vietnam, that if you want to do big things, dream big! There’s no such thing you can’t do if you focus on it”



Moreover, The Manifest, a company listing site, also ranked MARVY GROUP JSC as one of the top-performing mobile gaming companies in Vietnam this 2022!

These two amazing feats wouldn’t have been possible without everyone’s collective support — our teammates, stakeholders, and clients. MARVY GROUP JSC is absolutely grateful to have amazing people around us.

Thank you so much to everyone who supports MARVY GROUP JSC! We are excited to see what else we can achieve and unlock together as we move forward.

Got any projects in mind? Let’s work on them! Contact us today and tell us more about your ideas, needs, and goals. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Khang Bui
Co-founder of Marvy Co.

I'm Khang, Co-founder of Marvy Co. Our company is one of the first and the biggest AR/VR developer in Vietnam. With years of experience in developing AR effects, I hope my knowledge can help agencies and brands understand more about AR and how to use it to boost your marketing campaigns.

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