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Marketing Game Development Services of MARVY CO.

Today, with a phone, users can access, download, or install thousands of entertainment applications to experience. In particular, a mini-game is an indispensable application and is present in almost all mobile devices in the world..


Also with mini-games, marketers have launched millions of interesting and attractive marketing campaigns. Mini-game, not only plays an important role in increasing the interaction between Brands and customers but also helps Brands collect a lot of valuable information (Collect Data). Moreover, according to a report by the Digital Marketing World Forum, “60% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy products from a brand if they enjoyed playing its game”.


With only the mini-game "Shrimp Attack", KFC Japan successfully collected more than 854,454 plays with more than 4.4 average plays per person, helping in-store sales increase by 106%. And they were so successful that they had to cut the campaign in half because their new product (Puri Ebi Shrimp) was sold out.


Marketing Campaigns applied Gamification in Vietnam

In Vietnam, marketing campaigns applying mini-games are increasingly popular and diverse in both implementation and creativity in production. Not only focusing on the neat and eye-catching design, Brands are also very strict in the process of preparing the script and the message that the game brings to users.


To promote the new product line, the candy brand from Spain, Chupa Chups, has launched the Instant Game "Nhuom Xanh Cuoc Vui" on the social networking platform Facebook and collected more than 3000 plays from users. The game is designed with bright colors that match the main colors of Chupa Chups' products. The candies with eye-catching designs animated falling. Character images are designed vividly and cutely, bringing a sense of fun to players.



Cookie sandwich brand, Oreo, also made a big splash on the occasion of the 110th Birthday Celebration with the mini-game Birthday Cake Decoration implemented on the Web platform. The campaign not only attracts players because of its creativity and entertainment but also increases interaction for their Facebook Page when it is launched simultaneously in the form of Give-Away and competition with attractive gifts.


Things to keep in mind when launching Gamification Marketing

Despite having many benefits, launching gamification marketing also presents many difficulties. We can call it challenging because it involves understanding the psychology and motivation that engages customers, along with the goal of motivating and influencing user behavior. In other words, you must not only design a game that people want to join but also achieve your business goals.

In addition, gamification marketing also takes time and money to come up with ideas and implement them. We don't need a very good idea, we need a suitable idea and ensure many success criteria along with it being feasible within the allowable budget as well as the feasibility of construction and suitable for the target customers.


Game Development of Marvy Co.

As a pioneer in applying AR/VR to Marketing in Vietnam, Marvy is also a companion of many Businesses and Brands such as HSC, Oreo, Chupa Chups, Motul, Strongbow, Dorco, etc. in the mini-game production/programming for marketing campaigns on Social Media.

The game implementation process of Marvy Co.

  1. Take Brief:

First, Marvy Co. will arrange a meeting to discuss the purpose of the campaign as well as requests for mini-games from clients.

Launching mini-game with Marvy Co., clients are consulted on how to deploy to the concept, gameplay, operation, assets, suitable deployment platforms, scoring method, etc.


  1. Sketch wireframe and animation flow:

After agreeing on the prerequisite information items, Marvy will proceed to sketch the animation flow of the mini-game, and the order of appearance of each element.

In this step, Marvy will also make wireframe sketches (framework) based on the requirements of the clients to ensure optimizing UX/UI and unify the displayed content before implementing the design.


  1. Design Assets:

The characters and important elements in the game are designed according to the theme and concept of the Game. This is also the step to unify the layout and overall display content, including transition buttons, items such as timer, scoreboard, etc.


  1. Development:

After agreeing on all the design, gameplay, scoring method, and animation flow, Marvy will proceed to develop the product.


  1. Testing:

Clients will check the game and give feedback on details that need to be debugged to ensure the perfection of the product before launch.


  1. Deploy:

Deploy the project on any social networking platform with the mini-game link.

Especially, with the CMS, clients can manage player information as well as the gift-giving mechanism, and manage code-sending systems, ...


Mini-games developed by Marvy Co.



The online exhibition combines XR technology "Phút Ngáo Tạo Nên Tôi" from DORCO cooperated with Marvy Co. that broke the barrier between the real and virtual world. In addition to the 3D experiences on the WebXR platform, Marvy Co. developed 3 mini-games within the framework of the exhibition.



To promote products and provide knowledge about motorcycle parts, Motul collaborated with Marvy Co. to launch a new and attractive Mini-game "Scooter Game". “Scooter Game” is not only an entertaining game but also a place to provide knowledge about motorcycle maintenance. Besides, the promotion of the oil & lubricant brand Motul is also an important factor that Marvy needs to be skillful in the way of transmission.



Inspired by the folk game Dice and Truth or Dare from the West, the mini-game "True or Chill" is made with the image of Peach Blossom and Firecrackers symbolizing the bustling and crowded Asian New Year. Two colors Yellow and Red were chosen by Marvy as the main color, expressing the jubilant New Year atmosphere and also the color of the cool and sweet cans of Strongbow cider.



Instant-Game "Nhuom Xanh Cuoc Vui" is implemented on the Facebook platform, players only need to access Facebook and then go to the Gaming section or access directly from the link to experience. In particular, with the Filling colors feature, when the player clicks on the blue candy, the boy will color the dinosaur in the picture blue. This interesting feature has helped Chupa Chups' new candy product get closer to customers in the most subtle way.



On the occasion of the 110th birthday very special, Oreo has cooperated with Marvy Co. to deploy the mini-game "Thổi nến bá đạo, lộc về khuynh đảo". With the theme of “wishing a happy birthday”, Marvy Co. combined the mini-game with the action of blowing candles on the cake to bring a sense of joy and meaning. Players participate in the mini-game by choosing a cake, choosing a wish, entering a name, and blowing out the candles.


Gamification marketing is a great way to get customers' attention, and it also helps Brands collect a lot of valuable data with CMS. When implementing mini-games, Brands can prepare interesting rewards in exchange for customers' names and contact information. Or just ask for their name and email address so you can put it on the leaderboard. After collecting customer data, you can add them to your marketing email list.


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