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Marvy launches AI, AR, 3D, 360, and Game-combined service

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a significant trend in almost every industry. What are your thoughts on combining AI with AR, 3D, 360, and Game? With a commitment to continued development and providing advanced AI solutions, the Hybrid engineers at Marvy Co. always collaborate to create the most innovative AI applications in Vietnam..

 I. About Marvy

Founded in 2018 by the Top 3 winners of the Spark AR Hackathon and Creator Summit 2019, Marvy Co. is one of the leading companies specializing in AR/VR technology applications in Vietnam.

With expertise in producing AR/VR/Game technology products, Marvy Co. has executed a diverse range of projects, from entertainment to commercial endeavors, to effectively assist brands in reaching their customers through unique technological experiences. Specifically, large corporations and brands that have collaborated with Marvy Co. include Meta, Gojek, Heineken, Mitsubishi, Acecook, Lactacyd, VIB, Vietcombank, PNJ, and more.


II. AI Services at Marvy

Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI, is an intriguing concept in technological development. Essentially, AI has the capability to create highly complex computer programs that can learn and make decisions without the need for human intervention through pre-programming.

With a diverse range of technological expertise, Marvy takes pride in combining various technologies such as AR-VR, AI, 3D, 360, etc., to innovate new AI applications and create unique marketing solutions for all customers. Some successful AI applications developed by Marvy Co. team include:

  • 360 image reconstruction for 3D gaming environments.
  • Transformation of drawings and real images into lifelike characters with realistic movements.
  • Facial recognition and analysis for beauty industries like jewelry and cosmetics.
  • Eye-controlled object manipulation on screen.
  • Natural language text processing.
  • Image scanning and keyword identification.


Additionally, Marvy Co. is currently researching and developing various other AI applications, such as proposing products for specific facial features, image processing in different styles, and more.

III. Marvy Co.'s AI Projects

1. PediaSure "Cao Lớn để Tỏa Sáng" Bone Attachment Project

This project marked Marvy's venture into the field of Artificial Intelligence by applying a unique "bone attachment" AI technology, a first-of-its-kind worldwide. The project used AI algorithms to detect the skeletal frames of characters, determining the specific positions of body parts such as head, arms, legs, etc., in the images.

Combined with motion applied to the images, AI automated the "bone attachment" process from images to dynamic videos, providing a unique user experience. Such motion customization resulted in a natural and endearing feel for the character, creating a special highlight for the campaign.

The project achieved remarkable success, garnering impressive metrics like 50,000 likes, 8,000 comments, 5,000 shares, and 200,000 website visits. Learn more about this impressive campaign.


  1. PediaSure "Mẫu giáo Cao Lớn" Project

Building on the success of the "Cao Lớn để Tỏa Sáng" project, Marvy collaborated with the brand again for the upgraded version of the PediaSure Kindergarten project.

The project applied AI algorithms to detect skeletal frames based on the provided images of small children, aiming to enhance parents' awareness of the importance of using PediaSure milk in helping children grow taller during this crucial kindergarten phase.


IV. Using AI Services at Marvy Co. with more benefits 

  1. Experienced Expert Team: Our company has a team of experienced experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Marvy Co. employs advanced solutions and techniques to provide personalized and effective AI solutions for each project.
  2. Unique AI Applications Combined with AR, 3D, Game Technologies: Marvy Co.'s strength lies in the unique combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with advanced technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), 3D, and Game. This allows us to create unique, engaging, and interactive user experiences, providing remarkable value for our clients' projects and applications.
  3. Customization and Flexibility: Marvy Co. understands that every business has unique needs and goals. Our AI services are designed to be flexible and customizable, meeting the specific requirements of each client.
  4. Commitment to Development: Marvy Co. continuously strives to improve and develop AI solutions daily to meet and satisfy the increasingly high demands for technology, aiming to achieve the best quality for every project.
  5. Enthusiastic Advisory Team: Marvy Co. operates with the customer-first principle. With a dedicated advisory team, we invest time and effort to ensure that every client feels satisfied when working with Marvy Co.


It cannot be denied that in recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a significant trend in most industries. These advancements are not only necessary but also pioneer and innovative in how we research, develop products, and deliver services.

With a commitment to continued development and the provision of advanced AI solutions, Marvy Co. takes pride in being a company that combines Artificial Intelligence with various diverse technologies such as AR VR, AI, Computer vision, machine learning, 3D, 360, in Vietnam. Contact Marvy Co. for expert advice on AI-integrated services for your business today!

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Khang Bui
Co-founder of Marvy Co.

I'm Khang, Co-founder of Marvy Co. Our company is one of the first and the biggest AR/VR developer in Vietnam. With years of experience in developing AR effects, I hope my knowledge can help agencies and brands understand more about AR and how to use it to boost your marketing campaigns.


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