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Mitsubishi is a vehicle company that’s bringing AR World technology into product marketing..

In 2021, Mitsubishi has launched Pajero Sport. To make the marketing activity really stands out, Mitsubishi utilized the latest Augmented Reality Technology, bringing the most astonishing experience ever.

Developers bring to our lives wonderful experience with augmented reality through smart phones. Users can interact with the real world through stimulating motion. This technology has soon been implemented in the automobile industry and Mistubishi is the first car company to bring AR into advertising in Vietnam.

1. How does Mitsubishi want to use AR technology?

What are the goals that Mitsubishi wants to achieve with the help of AR?

- Emphasize the car’s features, users getting a full view of how the car looks inside and outside by interacting with the 3D model. Furthermore, Mitsubishi wants to make sure that users can experience this AR tech without any apps and they can get this experience anywhere.

How does Mitsubishi plan to achieve all these goals? Using AR World/AR Space

As the name Pajero Sport implies, they give us a sporty 3D car model, full of details and patterns. The colors and textures are very close to the real-life physical Pajero. The contrast with the lights is also spot on.

This model runs smoothly on website even with animations. It stimulates car’s features and the surrounding environment. Users can feel the rain, the bumps on the road,… when the car model runs at certain speed.

360 degrees feature allows users to view the car inside and out, back seat and front seat. Furthermore, if you move to a different location or just simply move your phone while viewing to AR model, the seats will also change regarding to where you turn to.

2. How to experience Pajero Sport 2021 with AR technology?

Go to Mitsubishi website, scan the QR code, move your phone to an empty space to display the car model in AR.


You can interact with the car by screen-touch interaction:

- Tap on the screen to display the car

- Swift left and right to see the car from different sides

- Pinch to zoom it and out

- Tap on the red dots to get more information about the card

Go to  and enjoy the experience

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