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AR technology is becoming a trend that every company and brand can’t miss the chance to use it in their product/service marketing strategies..

The application of AR technology has become common in event management thanks to it being connective and interactive with users, AR technology is now the top choice that event agencies should keep an eye on.

AR can work via mobile devices, zero requirements for any specifically designed tech, which is why it can easily approach users and bring them amazing experience. But with a mobile phone alone can AR flick the wand at an ordinary event and make it extraordinary.

In this article, we will show you how beneficial AR technology is to event management.

1. AR invitation cards

At almost any event, invitation cards are on the essential list because they’ll be sent out to event guests. A standard invitation card will tell the time, place, event’s subject and theme, etc. First impression hits the very moment it’s held in a guest’s hand.

This is where AR Image Target shines and livens up those dry invitation cards. Through mobile’s camera, virtual graphics will pop out from the card, displaying information on top of the card’s surface.  Users can manipulate the virtual content with touch/drag interaction. The card will appear to be special and impressive to the guests.

Take this AR invitation card to TikTok’s 2020 Awards Event for instance. What could ever be better than attending an event with AR golden cups?

2. Backdrop/Photobooth AR

Another attention-drawing factor in every event is backdrop and photo booth. To serve the purpose of offering the guests space to take photos, backdrops and photo booths are designed to match event’s color scheme and theme.

With the touch of technology, AR Event will add elements of excitement to photo taking activity. All required is a mobile phone to scan QR code; AR tech will generate virtual effects around real physical objects, giving the guests the coolest photos ever taken.

Lazada is one of the companies that utilized this tech for their 2020 Year End Party.

3. AR stage

This is a good choice for events, either live broadcasted or live streamed. Audience can get bored out watching a typical stage through a small screen sometimes. AR tech can enhance audience’s excitement with their little magic tricks. These virtual augmentations of reality, however, only display on screen, audience cannot see them in real-world environment. 

In “Note nhịp đam mê” project by Samsung, this AR tech is utilized to stimulate a beautiful galaxy and makes the audience feel like they’re immersed in it.


In 2020, Riot Game kicked off League of Legend World Champion with style, having AR characters perform on stage alongside with their real-world selves. The audience couldn’t hold their excitement when those AR personas started to act and communicate in the same manner as humans do.

4. Stimulate still life art/paintings

This application works for exhibitions or showrooms.  Instead of having visitors stare at displaying and read information from a piece of paper, which doesn’t sound inviting, AR tech has a much more effective way to capture visitors’ attention.

In “LuminAR Tour” by Detroit Institute of Arts, AR content will display via an electronic device when visitors are up close to the exhibits. Some exhibits come with AR X-Ray view stimulation, allowing visitors to discover everything outside and inside.


5. Interactive activities at events

Besides using beautiful graphic designs to impress the audience, some fun activities can be an attention-drawer and a highlight for your event. With the use of AR technology, it will be even more exciting. Participants can play and interact with the AR while they’re in physical environment.

At Artlens Interactive Studio, AR technology is layered over artwork and visitors have to use body movement to interact with the pieces.


So those were 5 common applications of AR technology that can make your event special and unforgettable. With the help of AR technology, even an ordinary event can turn into an interesting AR interactive playground. 


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I'm Khang, Co-founder of Marvy Co. Our company is one of the first and the biggest AR/VR developer in Vietnam. With years of experience in developing AR effects, I hope my knowledge can help agencies and brands understand more about AR and how to use it to boost your marketing campaigns.



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