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Swipe up Game Facebook Ads

Swipe up Facebook Ads game in advertising.

How can the Game Swipe up on Facebook Story make marketing effective to your business ?

1. What is the Swipe-up Facebook Ads game?

One of the advertising forms that get customer interaction is Swipe up on the Facebook Stories section for businesses. Swipe up is a feature that allows users to direct users to the landing page from this platform, thereby attracting more clicks and increasing conversion rates. In this article, Marvy Co will introduce details about the Swipe up feature containing Minigames, how it works, and how to maximize its potential for the business.

Nowadays, when Facebook Stories reached 150 million users, Facebook made the announcement that Facebook Stories ads were launched. They mark a huge change in the way advertisers think about how to reach users. Facebook has been developing and releasing Stories since its launch in May when product manager Chris Cox said he hopes Stories will overtake the News Feed in terms of shares next year. (- According to Worldstream)

Technically, you can expect Facebook Swipe up Game ads to look like Instagram Stories ads.

Facebook has stated that it wants to allow advertisers to reuse ads from one format to the next, so if the formats are really the same, you can expect 15-second video ads, 5-second image ads, and 45-second carousel ads (aggregate) interfere with the organic stories of your friends and family.

2. Swipe-up Facebook Ads Game Application to advertise for businesses

The experience of the Swipe-up game creates a completely different feeling for customers compared to reading an advertisement article on a story

Swipe game creation is also very useful for the advertisement to look like a regular story. You can post an advertisement on the timeline 1 or 2 times, but not every day because that is where your customers still go to find more information. That makes the implementation of game advertising on the story extremely necessary.

Marketers already know they should change their social ads relatively frequently to keep things fresh, but this is even more true on Facebook Stories, where users are accustomed to seeing content just for 24 hours before it disappeared. Facebook Stories are designed so users can share content in real-time, and while ads can have a slightly longer exists because of how they reach different users every day - that's important. It is significant to update them regularly so they continue to feel relevant and timely.

After players experience the game, easily call to action to access the website with the Buy Now / Go to website button

Click here to try the Swipe-up game

3. Advantages when the application Swipe up Facebook Game

Why Swipe up Facebook game 

Swiping up Facebook Game on Story makes sense:

- Users are interacting more and more meaningfully with products and brands on mobile devices, and they are doing so in a way that requires fast, convenient, and comprehensive.

- Attract powerful users by the attractiveness of the game, make them spend more time with your brand.

- Play the game without downloading the app and especially the enterprise can analyze to evaluate the Swipe Up game performance.

- Approach your target audience more frequently and proactively. Prospects of being able to reuse ads for use on both platforms - and test them down to see which is more effective. It also gives advertisers more incentive to spend time creating Stories ad content for one placement, if that means they can leverage both.

- For marketing goals, you can see the availability for the same campaign goals: brand awareness, reach, video views, conversions, app installs, traffic, ...


Click here to try the Puma's swipe-up Game

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