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What is a Microsite Game and how to apply for your brand ?

Microsite Game has been developed in Vietnam for a long time.

The effects that Microsite Game brings a good result to short-term marketing

1. What is a microsite game?

To understand what a game microsite is, the first we need to understand a microsite is a small website or a complementary website, consisting of one or more websites that operate independently of your main website. Based on the name of microsite's convenient features, Gamification Developer can combine flash games or AR games into a microsite to create a Microsite Game for the brand's marketing campaigns.


Aim to develop a microsite game to engage customers through their social media channels. Their main goal is to increase their social engagement (like, share,comment,...) and also traffic for websites.

An example of a Microsite Game Belif Holiday Bomb Festival that aims to attract and reward users of the Belif line of skin care products for promotions and to collect customer data to better understand consumer behavior.

2. What are the main features of a microsite game?

Microsite has a fast development and using time, with few restrictions on implementing marketing ideas, from interfaces to content. Thus it is possible to develop a microsite containing one or more interactive games, which can be built from a simple flash game to a complex fantasy game.

It could be a microsite that immediately after visiting the user will enjoy a stunning 3D performance, animation without having to perform any operations, just amazed to follow from this surprise to the Another surprise.

Typically, this is a temporary event used to launch a new product, ad, or ad campaign. This type of microsite allows companies to express creativity related to their main website, which is called microsite marketing.


3. Who can use the microsite game?

Businesses run advertising campaigns or companies want to promote products to users fastest. With the advantage of being able to play mini games or hold a contest to attract internet users, microsites bring a lot of benefits to individuals or companies who want to promote the product or image of the business.



MILO Nutri Up | Microsite Game


4. What benefits does a microsite game bring to your marketing plan?


A marketing game microsite can create buzz and allow you to improve SEO on your main website in order to get customers to visit your website. At the same time, a microsite game is also involved in branding your product, leverages email marketing campaigns and is an effective communication tool quickly.

Microsite marketing is considered an act of encouraging customers to visit the main website. And especially, you will get a large amount of user information through games, competitions on the microsite, we can achieve many different goals on a microsite.


Merck Curious Calvin's Dash Microsite Game



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