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AR technology in Vietnam can fully meet domestic needs and international needs..

The FMCG industry has been implementing AR in brand promoting a lot. Let’s find out what FMCG brands can benefit from using AR technology for their campaigns.

Over the past few years, the business world has observed rapid digital transformation. More and more companies are choosing social media marketing over traditional marketing and that includes FMCG companies.

The reason for this is that online activities have rooted in our daily lives, in every aspect. Therefore, as a brand, it’s very crucial that you keep up with the trends and immediately make the most out of its potential.

One of biggest trends these days is Augmented Reality. Just a few years back, implementing such advanced technology in marketing seemed to be unaffordable and unapproachable. However, ever since Pokemon Go’s incredible breakthrough, brands have been trying to integrate AR technology into their marketing campaigns.


1. Why are FMCG brands running campaigns using AR technology?

There are plenty of AR types that brands can use for their campaigns such as: AR Filter, Playable Ads, Swipe Up AR Game, AR Minigame. Even for campaigns with high level of difficulty, the AR developing process often doesn’t take more than 2 months to finish. There are almost no limits to how creative you can get with the use of AR in marketing; therefore this tech works for any brand in any field.

AR increases engagements

AR technology can steer people’s attention towards your brand. For instance, if you’re running a campaign using AR Filter, that filter can reflect what your brand is about which helps raise brand’s awareness to audience on social media platform.

One of the elements that popularizes brands on Instagram and boosts effective performance on their AR Filter campaigns is that it shows the author of the filters. That way when a user is using your filter, the name of your brand will pop up on the screen, inviting them to be interested in your brand.

2. How are FMCG brands using this tech?

Just by launching a viral AR filter, you now have a brand ambassador without having to pay. Having a real-life brand ambassador to promote your brand can be costly. Furthermore, approaching potential customers the old school way carries a lot of risk since you’re not going to know when the audience starts to lose interest in your ambassador. But Instagram AR Filter created by brands can change the game.

In some certain circumstances, Facebook Swipe Up is commonly used in advertising. This AR type can help brands to approach potential customers who prefer to swipe through stories than scrolling newsfeed. On the contrary, Playable Ads work better on newsfeed, something that Swipe Up Games cannot do.

3. FMCG giants are implementing AR technology in their advertising campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Burger King stores in many nations such as Taiwan, China, The UK, Brazil, Mexico, etc. are catching the trend of using AR filter in their marketing campaigns.


McDonald is also pulling their A game by launching various themes for their AR Filters.

And of course we can’t forget to mention Coca Cola and Pepsi in this race of technology when they released over 20 filters that went viral across the world.  

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I'm Khang, Co-founder of Marvy Co. Our company is one of the first and the biggest AR/VR developer in Vietnam. With years of experience in developing AR effects, I hope my knowledge can help agencies and brands understand more about AR and how to use it to boost your marketing campaigns.



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