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4 Reasons To Apply AR Invitation For Movie Premières

AR invitations open a whole new experience, bringing delightful surprises to the guests..

With booming technical development, the application of AR in promotional activities has gradually become mainstream and a trend in marketing and sales strategies. In particular, AR invitation cards are an innovation, boosting creative and entertaining factors in movie premières.


What is an AR Invitation?

As the name implies, AR invitations are augmented reality-enabled printed materials that users can view using the phone camera, the virtual content shows the event goer's name and the event’s location. There are two common AR Invitation types on the market:


AR integrated physical cards:

Users can activate the virtual content on the card with WebAR camera or Facebook/ Instagram camera.

Non-physical form:

Use WebAR camera to scan a flat surface, then tap on the screen to activate the virtual content which includes the recipient's name and avatar photo, event information such as time, location of the event, etc.  


The following article introduces how AR invitations can work wonders for movie premières.


1. Cost efficient

In movie premières, companies often spend way too much money on printed materials to impress the guests. Not to mention the extra budget that goes into delivering invitations to the guests.

Immerging in the development of digital technology, many movie premières choose AR invitations to be the “wow” factor for events. An AR invitation card is attractive because it changes how brands can send messages to their customers about how diverse the content can be. Event information such as location, time, agenda, etc. appears with beautiful effects, attracting the attention of guests the very first moment they experience it. Considering how very little money goes into printing and delivery, AR invitation cards prove to be budget efficient for events.


2. Time efficient

To give participants a more enjoyable experience in events, instead of spending time looking for impressive card templates, marketers can make preparations for the event while AR cards will do the job of delivering messages to the guests in the most creative way possible.

Businesses will optimize time with AR cards and ensure that guests will receive the invitations via an automatic sending system. Moreover, it simply requires one step to scan the QR, and one step to scan the card to see virtual content, the AR also includes a navigation feature to show directions to the event location. Event organizers can also integrate the movie sneak peek into the AR as something exclusive for their valued guests


3. Enhance guest interaction:

AR invitations open a whole new experience, bringing delightful surprises to the guests. Moreover, guests can also actively interact with AR invitations by clicking on the link, then use the camera to experience the invitation directly with the movie-related theme including their own avatar, and agenda, and can interact with each item to view event information, and participate in activities. of programs such as minigames, receiving promotional codes, ... In addition, AR Cards with features that can be integrated with videos allow guests to watch trailers of movies in AR format. Bearing these interesting features, AR invitation cards will be a great help for events to leave great impressions on the guests.


4. Create a highlight in the movie launch event

The film industry has gone far enough to have achieved great success. The number of blockbusters is even more than the audience can keep count of. Movie releases are in competition with each other, and this calls for a significant difference in your movies.  Having good content is not enough if you want your movie to stand out. It can be seen that how you do marketing to spread the word about it also makes great contributions. An AR invitation to movie premieres is like a leading role in a film: playing a big part, and getting all the attention from the audience and the press. 

In fact, AR invitation cards are gradually becoming a  trend for industries to promote their image to customers or business partners. And of course, the movie industry doesn’t fall out of the circle, let's take a look at some outstanding AR invitation suggestions that movie makers can utilize for movie premieres.


Being limited by how much content that can be squeezed into a single printed card, physical invitation cards can easily be replaced by interesting AR invitations. 

An AR invitation can deliver pretty much everything a traditional physical card can: name, photo, location, agenda, etc. Better yet, even enhances the experience. The guests can even see their names and photos floating in the air with beautifully astonishing effects. Agenda? Now they are presented in pictorial slideshows. Guests can’t watch your movie trailer on a physical card, but AR invitation cards? That’s right, videos can be integrated into the card which shortens lot of time and steps needed to open a video on the Internet.


Popular types of AR Invitations of Marvy Co.



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