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AR Filter Ideas For Banking - Finance Industry

Nowadays, AR Filter is gradually moving toward a popular form of marketing favored by many brands in Vietnam. AR Filter brings fresh air into Marketing as well as Finance & Banking, helping businesses get closer to users in a completely new style..

I. Benefits when banks apply AR Filter 

1. Increase interaction and brand awareness  

During the explosion of media, customers become proactive in choosing which marketing campaign they find impressive to approach and skip those that are not interesting enough. Therefore, the emergence of an AR Filter brings a new and attractive marketing method that impresses the customers’ attention and becomes an effective assistant for businesses in the promotion race. 

AR Filter is widely applied on popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. After realizing this advantage, many banks have applied AR Filter to create unique mini games and filter effects that attract the participation of many people, thereby turning customers into content creators for brands as well as making brand impressions on customers. 

Banks can use AR Filter with the design following the company's theme colors. Using Filter on the fan page will create an unforgettable mark in the users’ hearts. 


2. Increase customer experience

With the features of AR Filter, users can use facial movements such as Blinking, pouting lips, etc. to participate in games related to new products or services of the bank. This helps banks take more attention from the customer and make customers approach new products or services in exciting ways.


3. Educate customers about the company and products 

Companies will have more opportunities to share and introduce products or services to consumers by launching AR Filter for marketing campaigns. AR filter is a great choice with a "strict" field like Finance & Banking. 

With AR Filter, companies can freely create and deploy unique ideas to convey the benefits of new products, newly launched features of ATMs, or transaction apps. Besides, AR Filter is also an interesting way for businesses to promote new card lines, increase brand awareness, and attract potential customers.


II. Banks apply AR Filter


1. Nam A Bank

In the product promotion for the latest feature “one-touch”, Nam A Bank has implemented the AR Filter “Gu em la...” on Facebook. The "one-touch" technology combined with AR Filter helps users experience the Filter in a fun way and helps the company convey the benefits of the new feature as well.  Therefore, Nam A Bank can promote to customers “Open Banking 2.0” on the website platform with a variety of outstanding features in the most friendly, intimate, and interesting way. 

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2. Hong Leong BANK 

Hong Leong Bank is known as the first bank in Southeast Asia that is 100% foreign-invested, launched the AR Filter Challenge campaign on Facebook. This campaign received more than 1700 reactions and 90 comments on the Facebook post. Participants only need to post a picture using the filter with the hashtag to have a chance to receive attractive vouchers. 

Using filters with eye-catching and cheerful colors brings an interesting experience than helps banks increase interaction with users.


Catching up with the current trend in marketing, HSBC Hong Kong has released AR Filter that brings a new experience to customers.  With the face tracking feature combined with hand motion detection, Chinese Peking opera effects will appear interestingly 

Participants only need to take a photo with Filter, then post it with the campaign’s hashtag to join this mini-game.  Using  AR FIlter not only brings HSBC closer to customers but also helps customers experience the typical Chinese culture. After all, it will contribute to increasing the user experience. 


Recently, HSBC Bank Branches In Singapore has deployed AR Filter “Swing For Good'' on Instagram. It combines minigames to attract people to participate.  Users only need the needle item in the green space and blink, the ball will be hit and fall into the golf hole.Filter is launched to support charities, support young women and children.



4. Kakaopay 

Kakaopay is one of the pioneers in the field of online payment in Korea, which allows users to make transactions on their phone through NFC and QR codes. Recently, Kakaopay has launched an AR Filter that turns users into a cute character with a red T-shirt and a lovely bear in a yellow appearance, the mascot of the brand.



5. Hello Bank 

Hello Bank is the first digital bank in Europe owned by BNP Paridas Group that started operations in 2013. In order to make the financial field easy to reach customers, Hello Bank applied AR Filter for the marketing campaign on social media as Instagram with the AR filter MONEY MONEY.



6. Nonghyup Bank

Nonghyup Bank is an agricultural bank headquartered in Seoul, which  applied AR Filter for branding promotion campaign to reach local users on Instagram.



7. Visa Russia 

Visa Russia also joined the race of Brand Image development by applying AR Filter for the marketing campaign on Instagram. With the background of a business class on an airplane, Filter also helps players get an “upper-class experience” with the eye mask item and the programmed juice cup appearing one after another



8. is a popular trading platform, used by over 500,000 customers. has implemented AR Filter on Instagram on the occasion of the Lunar New Year in 2022. The AR Filter helps users transform into the image of a tiger with the main colors of yellow, which brings the taste of Spring  in the Filter.


9. Estubank 

Estubank, a payment platform for students, launched AR Filter with hand tracking to introduce their new card products. By Augmented Reality (AR), Estubank simulated the size of card to help customers have the most “real” experience with the product.


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