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How Coffee and Alcohol Brands Implement AR Filter

AR Filter is an interesting form of marketing method that is suitable for marketing campaigns of coffee and alcohol brands around the world..

From common products such as beverages, cosmetics, and food... to fields such as banking, insurance, and education, ... AR Filter has been doing very well in its role in marketing campaigns. Read this blog to know how beverage brands use AR Filters!



To promote the coffee capsule product in association with Nestlé, Starbucks implemented an Instagram Filter to encourage customers to try it and increase awareness among the fans of these 2 brands about the product.

This campaign is called "Morning Mantras", the product is a convenient coffee capsule for home brewing, so the design of the filter brings a feeling of closeness and coziness. To use the effect, we just need to find a plane and then click on the Starbucks brand circle, right after that with the 3D effect, a hot cup of coffee will appear from under the circle with a random quote. The smooth movement of the surrounding butterflies adds to the liveliness and realism of the filter.

This effect brought positive results to the campaign, with content outperforming the impressions benchmark by 38%, earning a total of 1.2 million impressions. Stories using this filter also drove 414 clicks to the CAH product page and 738 sticker clicks to the Starbucks and Nespresso Instagram channels.


Morning Mantras: Starbucks by Nespresso Partners with Artist and Poet Morgan Harper Nichols


Vodka Absolut

Absolut released a mobile app that takes consumers on a tour of the village Aushus, where this wine is produced. The Absolut Truth AR app allows users to explore the entire vodka-making process in 3D, from the fields of wheat to the distillery and the bottles they hold.

To participate in this 3D tour, users only need to scan a paper tag hanging on the bottle. After scanning, a small Swedish village will appear on the screen, along with a video of the vodka production on the canvas of Absolut.



In Heineken's event "Đón lễ hội kỳ diệu" to welcome 2022, Heineken brought new experiences that elevate all levels of emotions for the participants' thanks to the design that showed the vibe of the festival combined with modern technology.

Trong hoạt động “Trao quà kỳ diệu”, người tham dự sẽ được hướng dẫn quét mã QR trên sân khấu hoặc standee xung quanh để truy cập vào game. Sau đó, hướng điện thoại về phía sân khấu sẽ nhìn thấy các hộp quà rơi xuống hệt như một cơn mưa. Khi bấm vào một hộp quà bất kì, người tham dự sẽ nhận được một phần quà đầy giá trị như Iphone 13 Pro, tai nghe bluetooth, hàng trăm thùng bia Heineken và các voucher quà tặng trên Grab, Shopee.

In the activity "Trao quà kỳ diệu", participants were instructed to scan a QR code on the stage or the standee around to access the game. Then, pointing the phone towards the stage will see the gift boxes falling like rain. When clicking on any gift box, attendees will receive a valuable gift such as an iPhone 13 Pro, Bluetooth headset, hundreds of Heineken beer cases, and gift vouchers on Grab, and Shopee.



AR game “Lucky Wheel” - Chill every moment with Strongbow. The AR game “Lucky Wheel” is inspired by the Lucky Wheel game combined with AR Image Tracking and Web game. By using AR Image Tracking technology, people only need to scan the image on the packaging of Strongbow to display the AR experience.

The way to join the game is also extremely simple when users don't need to download any additional applications. After accessing the link, users only need to use the phone camera to scan the can of Strongbow to activate the game, enter the phone number to continue, and the spin appears and displays attractive gifts for players. If that turn fails, the Game will display a message and allow the player to continue participating after scanning another can of Strongbow.

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