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AR technology is powered by Apple's new M1 chip

On April 20, Apple announced the most advanced and powerful iPad Pro 2021 ever, helping to push the limits previously existing on the iPad to be pushed back. The addition of a new Apple-designed M1 chip brings a huge leap in performance, makes the 2021 iPad Pro is the fastest tablet device in the Apple tablet family.

Apple says that the CPU speed on the iPad Pro 2021 will be 50% faster than the previous generation, and the performance will also increase 75 times compared to the first iPad generation. This new generation of iPad is also announced to have 40% faster graphics processing speed than its predecessor and 1500 times more graphics processing capacity than the first iPad generation.

Now, playing games or handling graphics-related, AR or heavy-duty tasks will become faster and easier with iPad Pro 2021.

AR (Augmented Reality) helps us simulate virtual objects through the camera of a phone, tablet, etc., and humans can completely interact with that virtual object in a real environment.

AR technology transforms the way you work, learn, play, shop, and connect with the world around you. It's the perfect way to visualize the impossible or unseen right before your eyes.

Apple has the largest AR platform in the world, with hundreds of millions of AR-enabled devices, as well as thousands of AR apps on the App Store. And since Apple's hardware and software were designed from the ground up for AR, it's also the best AR experience tool.

Hardware and software designed for AR

Apple's hardware and software are designed together to deliver the best AR experience possible. With enhanced cameras, sharp screens, motion sensors and powerful graphics processors combined with custom machine learning and advanced developer tools, enable realistic and engaging AR experiences.

Support for AR is built directly into the iOS and iPadOS operating systems, so you can experience AR not only from one app, but also in other apps like Safari, Mail, Messages, File,..... or with AR Quick Look.

Use iPad Pro 2021 for exciting experiences from AR technology

iPad Pro 2021 is considered the best tablet on the market, so it should come as no surprise that this new iPad knocks the previous experience of a tablet out of the usual frameworks before.

The interest from app/game developers is partly due to the hardware, which is the iPad Pro 2021's LIDAR scanner (light detection and assessment) that makes AR apps work much more accurately. For example, measuring the distance between walls or floor-to-ceiling of buildings or the interior distance of buildings becomes much more accurate when when using the new generation iPad with LIDAR compared to similar apps on Android phones.

The iPad Pro 2021's LIDAR scanner (right) can accurately detect the curved surface area of a wooden table.

There are many great AR apps in Apple's AppStore that make good use of real-world environments, such as AR Animals and Angry Birds. In a coworking space with lots of stuff around, the iPad Pro 2021 has no problem displaying virtual objects on the surrounding table and chairs.

Some AR games and apps

AR technology – the technology of the future

Augmented reality technology is considered as one of the leading technologies in the future. When the world's giant technology giants like Google and Apple are still constantly investing and racing against each other in the technology field that brings these exciting experiences.

AR technology applications have been coming into real life. This technology is forecasted to be increasingly developed in many areas of life, towards a market with great potential.

Statistics portal Statista (Germany) estimates the value of the AR market to be 18 billion USD in 2023, while Markets and Markets - a market research company, forecasts that the market will continue to grow strongly year-on-year. The market value is expected to reach $72.7 billion by 2024.

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