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Creating Great AR Filters By Applying Cultural Elements

When it comes to culture, we often think of languages and minorities. However, the cultural factors that we can exploit are much broader than that..

For a long time, cultural factors have always been an interesting and fascinating topic. Not only exploited by filmmakers to write interesting scripts, but cultural factors are also "a muse" in many artworks such as art, photography, and literature, or are integrated precisely into the products supporting marketing campaigns. So, to create attractive AR filters, can cultural factors become a typical inspiration?

When talking about culture, people often think of languages and ethnicities. But the cultural factors that we can exploit to find compelling marketing ideas is much broader than that. Let's learn 6 ways to exploit cultural factors to create AR filters for your brand's marketing campaigns!


Famous landmarks

Famous cities, beautiful beaches, buildings, and beautiful landmarks that everyone wants to visit once are great ideas for travel agencies, airlines, and even confectionary brands.


To promote a new cookie product called Le Petit Paris, Nongshim, a food company from Korea, has released an Instagram filter with a beautiful background of Effiel tower and beautiful Paris scenes. AR filter also attracts users with impressive and novel open-mouthed gameplay.


Within the framework of the promotion of the album "Midnights", famous singer Taylor Swift launched the Snapchat lens "Meet me in London", using AR Geo-location technology - AR animation technology at a fixed location.


Instagram filter with an "AR crown" made from famous landmarks in the UK of high-end fashion brand Pinko.


Nature & Animals

Besides, we can also exploit ideas from the elements of nature such as flowers and animals which are the national symbols to implement marketing campaigns in specific countries.


Beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms in the AR Filter of Netflix to promote the drama "Love like the falling petals".


South African wildlife in AR filter promoting Samsung Galaxy Note8 and Galaxy S8 | S8+, the campaign is deployed in South Africa.



Besides, language is also a popular factor when implementing AR filters, Game filters of language quizzes, or filters that display random results.



Traditional arts

Art - a very interesting element for campaigns honoring traditional beauties. Besides exploiting pictures or music, we can also put traditional dances of countries around the world into the filter.



Traditional Taiwanese music, costumes, and dances combine 3D design, AR plane tracking, and AR face tracking technologies.


Korean traditional arts and costumes are simulated with 3D design and AR plane tracking.


Water puppetry, the traditional art of Vietnam, combines with AR technology to create an interesting AR game.



With AR Face Tracking technology, users can open mouth to trigger many interesting effects. And one of the suitable effects is eating food. That's the reason why many food companies have launched AR filter campaigns and applied face-tracking technology, specifically mouth-tracking.



With the ideas of food, F&B brands can deploy any idea for their business. Businesses that do not provide food items, can launch campaigns on occasions such as Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year, Halloween, ... and ask users to participate to receive interesting gifts.


AR game filters on the theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival combined with catchy culinary elements.




Traditional festivals

The important holidays of the year are the golden times for marketing campaigns to be implemented in order to help increase sales and improve brand awareness for many businesses in many fields.

However, marketing campaigns need to be prepared carefully to be attractive enough to customers. Currently, many businesses favor using AR to deploy interesting marketing campaigns.

AR filter “Lắc đầu xin quẻ” was developed by Marvy Co. in the Lunar New Year campaign in 2020.


AR filter Bói toán is implemented by Octokit with the form of raising your hand to receive extremely interesting fortune-telling.


The image of ao dai combined with the background of famous places in Vietnam is subtly included in the Instagram filter.

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