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The Ways To Deploy AR Filter On Social Media

Find out the 3 ways to implement AR Filter on Social Media to help brands reach target and potential customers easily..

Nowadays, with the development of technology, businesses can apply more interesting AR products, such as AR Filter and AR Card for brand marketing. It not only help to increase brand awareness but also helps brands reach target and potential customers easily.

However, there are still shortcomings in the journey of applying AR Product to marketing such as production costs, limited ideas, etc.

The following article will share with you the 5 most effective ways to deploy AR Filter on social media.  

1. Organize mini-game 

Organizing a mini game is a typical idea for a campaign using AR Filter on social networks. For this way, brands only need to create a contest on social media and call customers to participate in the game by using AR Filter. The form of competition can be with the amount of a post’s reactions or the number of points when playing AR Game Filter.


With this implementation, the brand can reach customers in a more impressive and trendy way. Since, the interaction between customers and brand can remarkably improve.


For AR Interactive Filter

Template New Year Wishes from Octokit, which has funny effects combined with vibrant colors, brings an exciting feelings to players. Moreover, it is one of the great choices for the holiday campaign. 

For example, if a beverage brand wants to thank the customers on the occasion of New Year, brands can use AR Filter to create a mini game and ask customers to participate by recording videos to interact with Filter. Next step, customers comment on the post of the brand that is posted on the official fanpage, the one who has the highest number of reaction will receive gifts from the brand.  

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For AR Game Filter

In addition, bands can use some of the AR Game Filter from Octokit and call customers to compete for rankings with scores. 

For instance, brands can use template AR Filter “Bouncing Ball” on Octokit to deploy and encourage people to play games. The participants need to take a picture of the score, and post it on social media with the brand's hashtag. The post with the most likes and shares will receive a reward from the brand. Applying this AR Game Filter template will bring the brand to customers in the most intimate way. 

     Link Filter 


2. Selfie with idols (HOT)


Tham khảo thêm chiến dịch tại đây


The influences of celebrity/influencer always take an important place in marketing campaigns. Therefore, applying AR Filter to promote the brand, combining with KOL will bring a completely new experience to customers. 

Realizing the advantages of this type of marketing campaign, one of the major technology transport service providers in Vietnam, Goject, has released AR Filter to give fans a chance to take selfies with singer Son Tung M-TP. Applying AR Filter to the brand promotion campaign has helped Goject reach Gen Z customers.

Learn more: here 

Another example is Free Fire's promotion project for Game Skyler, a Battle Royale game developed, and Son Tung was chosen as the iconic character of the game in this campaign. By using the influence of Son Tung M-TP, combining with the reputation of the mobile game brand, Free Fire has confirmed its popularity when using AR filter to create an online playground that hooked thousands audiences to join.


Learn more: here 


3. Try new products with AR Try-on 

Nowadays, after many accidents that consumers don’t know whether to laugh or cry, they starts considering more carefully before purchasing, when they only see the picture of a product, especially new products. Therefore, the emergence of AR Try On has helped many brands solve these problems because this kind of AR allows customers to choose the model, color of the product and try it with AR Filter through the phone camera. 


This is the great feature of AR Filter, not only enhances the customer experience but also creates an opportunity for brands to integrate their brand's message through eye catching elements or magical sparkle effects of AR Filter that leaves an unforgettable mark in the customer's memory


Cosmetic brands launching new products can deploy a product promotion campaign combining AR Try On on Facebook or Instagram.


Learn more: tại đây 


Let's take a look at some successful AR Filter campaigns in the past years with Marvy Co.:

  • Merries 

On the occasion of the New Year 2021, the baby diaper brand, Merries, has deployed an AR Filter campaign on the Facebook to promote the brand and bring blessings to customers. This campaign has made a special impression for customers

Learn more: Here  


  • Hafele 

On the occasion of Christmas, Hafele, an international manufacturer and supplier of furniture fittings and architectural hardware, used AR Filter to deploy a mini game with the joyful atmosphere of the festive vibe of Christmas. The winner will receive a gift from the brand. This campaign has helped Hafele reach and interact with more customers effectively on the Facebook. 


  • PNJ

To celebrate Black Friday, PNJ, the jewelry company from Vietnam, has deployed the marketing campaign “Tu chon uu dai, sang mai net rieng” that used AR Game Filter to create an interesting game for customers. Besides, lucky customers have the opportunity to receive valuable products from the brand such as diamond jewelry, 9999 fine gold or glasses from luxury brands. The campaign has attracted 170,000 participants nationwide. 


  • Move Free

To promote the campaign "Thang hanh dong vi suc khỏe", Move Free has cooperated with Marvy Co. to launch AR Filter that brings customers relaxing moments with a subtle and impressive way of imparting knowledge of bone health. The campaign quickly attracted many KOLs to join, and helped the brand bring the meaningful message for bone health to many consumers on Facebook. 


  • Downy

The fabric softener brand, Downy, has launched AR Filter Game "New Antibacterial Shield" with cute gameplay that allows players to transform into warriors with "Downy 99% anti-bacterial shield" item to repel millions of bacteria trying to attack. With this campaign, Downy wishes to convey the message of protecting the health, preventing bacteria around us and has received surprisingly positive feedback from consumers.



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