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Tetra Pak Cooperated with Marvy Co. Launching Exciting AR World Experience

Also known by other names like AR plane surface tracking, AR World is used in AR games campaigns, short video shooting, or product displays..

Marketing today

If in the past, the term "antique" was used to refer to items that are at least 100 years old, today, there are many products/items that we used in the 2010s that are considered " antique".

With an amazing development speed, in just the past 10 years, technology has made huge changes and created unimaginable values. But on the other hand, the explosion of technology has also created difficult challenges, requiring people to adapt quickly to create success.

And once consumers access more advanced technology products, old marketing strategies are no longer able to impress them. This is why, nowadays, marketing strategy needs to constantly change to adapt to the rapidly evolving media and technology landscape in order to attract customers.

AR/VR became the choice of many brands in Marketing campaigns.


The emergence of AR (Augmented Reality)

While both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is designed to provide simulated environments for users, each concept is unique and intended for different use cases. In addition to AR product that is used by audiences for entertainment such as AR Filter, other types of AR such as AR World, and AR Geo-location, ... are also increasingly used by businesses.


AR World Tracking

Also known by other names such as AR plane surface tracking, like its name, to use AR World Tracking, people need to find a plane or surface such as a floor, table, or garden, ... to start a 3D animation experience in an AR environment right on your phone. This is the type of AR used in AR games, short video shooting, or product display campaigns.





Tetra Pak applied AR World for campaign Packstory 

Recently, the world's leading supplier of packaging technology and food packaging solutions, Tetra Pak, has cooperated with Marvy Co. to launch the Packstory application, which allows customers to experience AR and learn more about the information of products, environmental knowledge, combined with a fun interactive game. The experience quickly created a trend on social media and in the technology-loving community, especially young people interested in environmental protection.


Using AR World - AR Space, the technology that can display the virtual content on the ground combines a real space vividly. With this technology, users only need to recognize the plane to start the animation by panning the phone camera towards the plane. In addition, all experiences are integrated into the same QR code printed on the new Vinasoy Fami soymilk box, customers only need to scan the QR code once to use it.


Câu chuyện hạt lành

In the "Câu chuyện hạt lành" experience, users can enjoy interesting short films about the brief history of the soybean industry in the 3D format displayed in an AR environment. Each story is vividly described not only through the narrator's voice but also through realistic and interesting images. Visualizing the display as an AR card for beans, and each bean is a historical story that is familiar and interesting integrated into a short film in animated format.

In order to provide exciting cultural experiences, Tetra Pak and Marvy Co. decided to use the timelines of the country's formation and development in order from the Hung Vuong, Hai Ba Trung, Ly dynasty, and 19th centuries to tell the story of Vietnamese soybeans. Those stories are expressed through the image of tiny soybeans combined with attractive illustrations and gentle storytelling, creating interesting cartoon footage animated in a unique and alluring AR environment.

Bên cạnh đó, game tương tác cũng là một điểm nhấn đặc biệt. Với thiết kế ba hạt đậu khổng lồ tượng trưng cho ba dưỡng chất mà đậu nành mang đến, như Chất Xơ, Đạm Thực Vật, và Chất Chống Lão Hóa kết hợp hình ảnh Thanh năng lượng. Mỗi khi người chơi dùng tay để kéo từng hạt đậu vào cơ thể người, thanh năng lượng sẽ tăng dần và hoàn thành khi 3 hạt đậu đã được hấp thụ. 

Besides, the interactive game is also an outstanding point. The design of three giant beans representing the three nutrients that soybeans bring, such as Fiber, Plant Protein, and Anti-Aging Agent combined with the image of an Energy Bar. Every time the player uses their hands to pull each bean into the human body, the energy bar will gradually increase and complete when 3 beans have been absorbed.


Hành trình hộp giấy

With the desire to help customers, especially young people, have a detailed look at the production, packaging, and sorting of paper cartons after use, Tetra Pak and Marvy decided to transform the production process into a cute design animated in AR format. 

Do not use the form of knowledge transmission through 3D short films like Câu chuyện hạt lành, in Paper Box Journey (Hành trình hộp giấy), the content and knowledge are presented through the dialogues of a cute host - Tetra Pak’s Paper Carton Boy, helping users feel like they are participating in knowledge sharing and entertainment workshop with virtual interactive games.

Besides AR programming and 3D Modeling, Marvy Co. is also in charge of UX/UI design for Packstory application. Not only ensuring brand awareness when using the main colors of the Tetra Pak logo, but Marvy Co. also focuses on optimizing the user experience by programming transition buttons, orienting the user to follow the story and full experience combined with fun programmed background music that plays throughout the experience.


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