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Types of AR that SMEs can use for their Marketing campaigns

With the emergence of AR, a range of exciting products such as webAR, AR filters, and more have helped businesses create interesting marketing ideas at an affordable cost..

According to surveys, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often encounter difficulties in implementing promotional campaigns for their services and products, especially when their Marketing budgets are still limited. However, successful Marketing campaigns are essential for SMEs to sell their products.

In this article, let's explore these unique types of AR with Marvy!

1. AR Poster

When posters are too boring with lots of text and information that don't bring any value to readers, marketers are also struggling to find ways to make their posters more attractive and unique. AR Poster has emerged as a new and innovative choice for businesses.

( Star War-Rogue One Poster)

AR posters use AR Image Tracking technology. By integrating QR codes and AR animation programming on a specific image, users can experience vivid animations with virtual entities through their phone camera.

Besides AR posters, we can apply AR Image Tracking technology to many different types of printed products such as business cards, invitations, packaging, catalogs, etc.


A good poster needs to balance artistic elements and information. Images in the poster are crucial, so with AR posters, creators can unleash their creativity in their work.

Marvy has also carried out many large and small projects using this technology, click here to see more.

2. AR Backdrop

Backdrops are an essential component of any event, big or small. As the largest and most prominent design, it can make a strong impression on viewers about the event or brand from the first moment they see it.


With AR technology integrated into photo backdrops, the check-in experience becomes even more vivid and suitable for sharing on video-friendly platforms.

Indeed, with the power of social media, your business can have a wide-reaching impact and create a viral effect. This helps to increase brand awareness and recognition on a larger scale.

Lazdada has taken a big step by partnering with Marvy to become one of the pioneering companies to apply modern AR technology in organizing grand internal events for employees. Check out more information about the campaign here.


Instead of spending a huge amount of money just to have a magnificent backdrop, businesses only need to contact Marvy, and we will provide you with unique, creative, and innovative AR solutions for your company's events.

3. AR Try-on Filter

AR Try-on Filters are a type of filter that allows users to try out products on their phones before making a purchase. AR Try-on can also be applied to various types of businesses, from eyewear and fashion brands to cosmetics and hair dye brands.


This is one of the solutions that businesses can use when online shopping channels are dominating the market and customers are becoming increasingly demanding. Most customers want to experience the products they buy in a visual and realistic way. Customers can fully experience the outfit they like or the new lipstick shade from their favorite brand before making a purchase decision.


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often struggle to compete with larger brands in the market, especially in the early stages of their business. Therefore, it is crucial for SMEs to choose a distribution channel that can attract customers. Creating a memorable impression in the minds of customers through the use of AR Try-on is entirely feasible. This is because AR Try-on can be integrated across multiple platforms, from e-commerce sites to company websites, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Once customers have a good impression, they are likely to return and experience other products from the business, thereby increasing the company's competitiveness in the market.


With AR Try-on, customers can easily shop remotely and make purchasing decisions with ease. Try-on Filters also make it easier for businesses to interact with customers, and the opportunity to go viral on social media is higher with the Share Now feature on Facebook and Instagram.

4. AR face filter

AR Filters are image filters that are designed to change the color, and shape of the user's face alongside 2D/3D stickers, fun sound effects, special effects, etc. that fit the direction and purpose of the campaign. It can be combined with mini-games to increase user engagement.

When using this type of filter, users can activate effects by performing actions such as blinking, smiling, tilting their heads, etc.

In addition, most AR Filters are integrated with skin retouching features, which help users feel more confident when taking selfies. When images and videos are widely circulated, the Filters become popular and more well-known on social media, helping brands gain more widespread attention.

If you are an SME business in need of unique and creative marketing solutions, AR may be the perfect solution to help your business quickly reach customers and stand out in the market.


Marvy is a leading company in consulting and designing technology solutions (AR/VR, experiential booth design, on-off gamification, physical experiential installations, interactive web, and virtual events...) for events and brand activation activities. With experience working with agencies, brands, and organizations, Marvy is confident in providing creative and user-friendly technology solutions to contribute to the success of advertising campaigns.


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