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Why did PNJ's game "Lac Loc Than Tai" attract more than 1.5 million plays?

As one of the activities of the campaign "Receive Loc Khai Xuan", PNJ's "Challenge of Fortune" is a massive gamification campaign implemented to attract customers to participate in the marketing activities of PNJ. company..

The campaign delivers the key message "Than tai go cua - Phat Loc Khai Xuan" with the goal of bringing a lot of luck and fortune to participants in 2023. The total prize includes a 6-piece gold set, a set of 6 pieces, and a set of gold pieces. 12 pieces of gold and Total Fortune up to 2023 gold pieces, bringing attraction to players.

​To participate in the program, customers have two ways to play: visit the website directly, or go to PNJ stores and buy watches, jewelry, or gold bars to receive lucky shakes in the game Shake Fortune. With a 100% chance of winning gifts and receiving gifts at the beginning of the year, this program has attracted more than one million customers during the period.

The benefits of this gamification campaign include increased user engagement, increased reach and acquisition of new customers, enhanced customer experience, and increased marketing effectiveness for PNJ.

Let's find out with Marvy why this campaign is so successful and attractive!

Every marketing campaign has its own set of specific goals. With this Tet campaign, PNJ has set two main goals: Business goals, promoting purchases during the Tet season, and the occasion of New Year's Eve. Communication goals, increasing brand love, and opportunities to interact with target customers by continuing the story "Get lucky and open spring"
The customer group for the "Shake Than Tai" campaign is customers aged 25 and over who are in need of gold shopping in the New Year.

When talking about Tet, everyone has their own definition and it is difficult to impose a single concept for all. However, Tet always means union, full of luck, and prosperity. And nothing is happier than the joy of being lucky to receive high-value gifts such as gold or diamonds.

Understanding the psychology and wishes of customers, PNJ has continuously launched high-value gift-giving campaigns to show gratitude to customers on special occasions like these.

The campaign is carried out in two main activities: Gamification and through Social Media from January 15, 2023, to February 1, 2023. Covered in all PNJ stores across the country, especially in commercial centers, the number of customers participating is up to 1000-5000 visitors per day.


  • Gamification at the store​

The challenge of experiencing the "shaking fortune" challenge was held at PNJ stores in some commercial centers. Not only that, with each turn of "shaking fortune", PNJ customers also contribute 5,000 VND to charity activities, together with PNJ spreading human values, contributing to supporting many difficult situations in society. festival.

  • ​Social Media

PNJ's official posts about this campaign attracted a lot of attention and received more than 12,000 likes.

Besides, PNJ also actively promotes the game on community sites with great attraction on social networks with the goal of increasing reach, creating a buzz on social and attracting more people to join.


  • How to join:

Step 1: Customers access the website 

​Step 2: Fill in the correct phone number information of the customer to participate in “Lac Tai Loc”. 

​Step 3: Customers SHAKE THE PHONE or click “LAC LOC TAI NGAY”

​Step 4: The winning notification screen will appear.

​Step 5: Customers receive SMS notification of winning prizes to the customer's phone number entered above.

  • ​Result:

This billion-dollar campaign has attracted nearly half a million plays after just over 10 days of officially happening. And reached a number of more than one million plays after closing the program.

This is a very positive signal in terms of numbers, but in terms of specific revenue, January's net revenue reached VND 4,129 billion, up 18.8% over the same period, and profit after tax reached VND 302 billion.

​​The success of the mini-game follows the AR Web Game "Receive a diamond gift", which is also one of the campaigns that bring huge profits to PNj businesses.

Some information about AR Web Game "Experience AR Game-Get Diamonds"

Marvy is also honored to cooperate with PNJ in the campaign "Experience AR Game - Get Diamonds", with the combination of AR technology and gamification successfully creating many great experiences for customers.

With this gameplay, customers will move their faces back and forth to collect gold rings, diamonds, and earrings, ... and will receive valuable gifts such as fashion glasses, discount vouchers, gold bars, and diamond jewelry sets. The game is designed based on the design of the real product under the brandPNJ

With the combination of games and AR technology, PNj has successfully created unique and interesting experiences for customers, helping to increase reach and attract new customers, and generate results metrics. more active business.

See more about this gameplay here

Implement AR and Games for marketing campaign at Marvy Co.

​​However, to be most effective, businesses need to design games and gamification programs that align with their specific business goals. It should be ensured that the games will create a unique and engaging experience for the customers and fully meet the requirements of the players.
The combination of AR technology and gamification is becoming one of the important marketing and advertising development trends, bringing many benefits to businesses in enhancing interaction and attracting new customers. generate positive business results and create a unique customer experience.

With the Marvy team, we will advise and provide your business with AR/VR game solutions. Just contact us and we will take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

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