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What is AR Filter - Learn more about AR Filter

How to make AR filter for brands?.

The popularity of AR Filter technology in Vietnam has now established a shift from technology to marketing. Augmented reality is gradually transforming the advertising field into something more attractive.

1. What is AR Filter ?

AR Filter technology is a collection of graphics and virtual objects that are designed and added to the surrounding environment that we see when using the Facebook/Instagram camera.

AR technology has been popular around the world for several years, it is estimated that there will be around 810 million people using this technology on their phones by 2021 (data from, and that number will continue to grow, especially in Vietnam.

công nghệ AR

The number of users of augmented reality (AR) activities on mobile devices worldwide is expected to grow from 2019 to 2024.

One of the popular applications of this platform is called AR filter. Although many people have heard of this application, we still have not clearly defined what AR Filter is, how it is created, and how to use AR filter effectively. In this article, Marvy Co will provide an overview of AR Filter.

AR filter technology is known to be popular on Facebook and Instagram. It allows content creators to design 2D/3D images, insert audio, effects, etc. according to the needs of the brand, and can be used in both rear-facing camera and selfie camera mode.

2. Key features of AR Filter technology

What mobile phone cameras normally see in the real world now becomes much more new and interesting. The real space now when looking through the camera has been added with "virtual content" to enhance the experience.

AR Filter technology is commonly known for its two popular forms of use:

AR Filters for photography purposes: These are filters that change the color of the space in the image or make the appearance of objects, characters, images, symbols, etc. when taking pictures. These are the ones we commonly see on Facebook/ Instagram.



- AR Filters in the form of mini-entertainment games: Using the Face-tracking, hand-tracking features in AR to create a simple and fun way to play games for everyone. Similarly to photo filters, you can still revisit the game moments to share with friends.


AR Game - Catch your Xmas gifts

3. Why do brands create AR Filters? 

You may think that filters on Instagram are only for making images look better or adding fun, but in reality, these filters have a huge promotional value for brands.

You may think that filters on Instagram are only for making images look better or adding fun, but in reality, these filters have a huge promotional value for brands.

When brands create AR filters on Facebook or Instagram, they can directly connect the brand name to the filter. Anyone who uses the filter or interacts with the filter will see the brand information. Disney, Adidas, and Gucci are some big names that have leveraged the power of AR filters on Instagram for their promotional campaigns.

Filters allow displaying brand logos, placing products or characters of the brand into your selfies effectively. When you share your image with Instagram or Facebook's AR filter technology, you are also sharing and creating interaction for their brand.

AR Filters drive natural traffic

Through AR Filter technology, brands do not have to spend money on each click from target customers. They just need to set up an AR Filters that allows users to use them for free and share them with their friends, which can drive natural traffic to the brand's website or social media page.

The power of AR filters on Instagram lies in their ability to increase the level of brand display according to the number of impressions in a short period of time. One user shares a filter and reaches many other users who are following their account. These people then continue to share the filter with those following them. This model continues until many people have seen or used the filter, spreading the name of the brand that created the filter all over Instagram, creating a huge impact.

4 . Some popular AR filters in the Vietnamese market today

AR filters do not need to be viral to be effective. Filters can be shared completely for free. If done well, filters can save significant advertising costs for brands

Infiltrating into Vietnam's market and stirring up the Marketing market, many big brands have used AR filters for their image campaigns.


AR Filter FreeFire with Sơn Tùng MTP


AR Filter with Merries

More: Vietnamese's artists using AR Filter

5. How can your brand have its own AR filter?


AR Filter in tourism

It is not too difficult to create a custom AR filter for your brand on creative content that the brand wants. Currently, Marvy Co has provided AR Filter development services and other related products such as Playable Ads, AR Minigame, Large Scale Game, and Swipe Up Facebook Ads."


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