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Bia Viet - Cheerleading Game with SEA Games 31

In response to SEA Games 31 on the whole country, Bia Viet cooperated with Marvy Co to create a pleasure PC Game and perform it at My Dinh Stadium.


Scope of Work

  • - UI UX Design
  • - Game Development

Types of AR used

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Ideas & Concept 

Team Marvy created an interesting and fun game “My Dinh Cheering Game” inspired by the “king” sport- Football, Which matches the vibrant atmosphere of the fans at the stadium. 

Game is designed with the context of a stadium with a player preparing to kick the ball into the goal. The game is combined with cheering sounds from the surrounding stands to help players have an interesting and authentic experience. In particular, players need to shout loudly enough to reach the required game level to win this game. This special feature not only brings a sense of fun but also helps fans freely chant  when participating in the game.




The team of Marvy Co staff based on the theme of the game creates an attractive interface and image. It brings relaxing moments for sport lovers and satisfies the feeling of cheering for the Vietnamese football team.


UX/UI Design 

UI Design 

  • Easy-to-see interface 
  • Handsome player character 

UX Design 

  • Simple player-friendly layout 
  • Simple play, less manipulation 
  • Play directly without having to login and register complicated online information 



Game Development

  • The game was used on the computer at My Dinh stadium so that the fans could join together. After accessing the game, pressing the "start" button will be able to experience the game immediately. 
  • The player needs to “scream” to the level of sound as required in order to character kick the ball into the goal.
  • Fan chants are designed in the game to raise the feeling of authenticity and excitement for players.


How to play 

Step 1: Access into the game on PC  

Step 2: Click the “start” Button 

Step 3: The player shouts loudly until the sound bar on the right of the screen reaches the highest level to win the game 

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