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Experience Instant Game "Nhuom Xanh Cuoc Vui" With Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups candy brand has combined with Marvy Co to create a unique and fun mini game “Nhuom xanh cuoc vui” in order to promote new candy products closer to consumers.


Scope of Work

  • - UI UX Design
  • - Game Development

Types of AR used

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Ideas & Concept 

The game was launched on the Facebook platform. Players need to use the Facebook application and then access it directly to play the game. In particular, if the player clicks on the blue candy, the boy will color the dinosaur in the picture blue. In the most subtle way, this feature has helped Chupa Chups' new candy product get closer to consumers. 

The game is designed with bright colors that suit the main colors of Chupa Chups. The eye-catching candies falling down, and vivid character images combined with cute graphics have brought a sense of pleasure to players.


UX/UI Design 

The mini-game is graphic with a simple, easy-to-understand interface by the Marvy team. Moreover, the candy item image appears prominently in the game with different colors suitable for Chupa Chups' consumers. It can be said that Marvy pays special attention to user experience, and has tried to create a minigame with flow animation and gameplay suitable for most of the game's audience who are young children, helping players have a better experience and smoother operation. 


UI Design 

  • Easy-to-see interface, beautiful and cheerful colors 
  • Candy images are designed based on real products, enhancing brand awareness. 
  • The control button is clear, and the player is easy to manipulate when clicking on the colored candy as required 


UX Design 

With direct access to the Facebook platform, then players can experience the game immediately. When players click the wrong candy, the boy will have a sad expression to help the player realize they have chosen the wrong candy. 

The character design is also lively in the game. when players touch the correct blue candy to add points, the boy’s eyes will light up. In contrast, when touching the candy minus points, the boy will have a sad expression. Especially, the boy will have the act of eating the blue candy as you win the game. 

Game Development 

  • The game is programmed on the Facebook Platform, then players can have an experience immediately. 
  • For the first-time user, a guide board including the rules of the game, the score of the candies will appear. 
  • When the game is over, the leaderboard will appear. 



  • Players have the task of collecting 80 points within 60s 
  • The player has to tap on the blue candy and avoid the other candies. 
  • When clicking on the candy plus points, the dinosaur picture will be gradually colored and the game character will have a happy expression. 
  • Moreover, when touching the wrong item, points will be deducted and the character will have a disappointed expression. 
  • The player who has enough points will pass the game 


How to play

Step 1: access the game on Facebook application 

Step 2: Press “start” to play game 

Step 3: When game is over, player can click back to continue playing

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