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HSC Introduce Web Game Designed For Stock Traders

HSC Stock has launched web-game "Chung Si Ve Bo", an entertain mini-game that allows "Hoi Chung Si" experience the interesting online working and investment.


Scope of Work

  • - UI UX Design
  • - Game Development
  • - Backend Development

Types of AR used

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Idea Concept

With the aim to make the Stock Investment process an enjoyable gaming experience, HSC collaborated with Marvy Co. to deploy the web game "Chung Si Ve Bo" with 2 main experiences: "Lao Dong Hang Say", a mini-game allows players to build up the property to invest in the second experience "Giuong Buon Ra Khoi", the game that simulates the Stock exchange.

Character Design

Game Characters

Three main characters Vua (King), Quan Văn (General Secretary), Quan Võ (General of the Army) are inspired by the same characters of Chung Su Truyen Ky, a Facebook Page that creates Stock content with a historical-comic style.


In order to make three characters fit the Game interface, Marvy Co. redesigned them in the attractive and eye-catching Mesh Tool style, creating a 3D effect on a 2D design, and combining the Chibi style to create a playful and lovely vibe for players.


Scoring items & Obstacles 

Inspired by the three mascots of the Stock Market, items such as Bear, Bull, and Shark, combine gold coins designed with the HSC logo and appear throughout Lao Dong Hang Say.

The gold coin and the green bull symbolize the bull market and the advantages of the stock market are the two main scoring items of the game. Conversely, obstacles are bears and sharks. Bears represent a downtrend (bear market) and the image of a shark represents formidable Investors with abundant potential and experience that fledgling Investors should watch out for.



The background is HSC's trademark blue combined with colors like purple and yellow. The buttons of the Game are designed with shadow effects, creating the overall design of the Game with a financial direction and extremely harmonious technology.

When experiencing the Game with the phone, players experience a familiar, easy-to-see vertical interface. When experiencing with a PC/Laptop, the game is programmed with the background, keeping the interface intact, to keep not cause difficulties for players when changing the device to experience.


After registering an account, players can choose 1 of 3 characters to start the experience. Each character will have a story of its own with an extremely funny introduction spread across the screen, users just need to scroll through to see each character and story.

To take the precaution of cheating or impersonation, players only need to provide a phone number besides the basic personal information like full name, and email address to take OTP when signing up. Especially, in order to have unlimited ways to experience, “Chung Si Ve Bo” also allows players to create a Nickname that appears on the Leaderboard as well.

Furthermore, to avoid disrupting the players’ experience as well as minimizing annoying notifications such as Requests for information after each turn, Marvy and HSC agreed to simplify the steps of signing in and filling in information. Players only need to sign in one time on a device and access the Web Game anytime. In addition, “Chung Si Ve Bo” also displays the guideline to join the mini-game and how to invest for new players.

Game Development

Lao Động Hăng Say

For newbies, to join mini-game Lao Dong Hang Say, players need to click the button “Kiem Tien” (Earn Money) to start the game. From the second sign-in, players only need to tap “Lao Dong Hang Say”.

Gameplay: Help the character flies up and be balanced in the air, players have to touch/click on the screen. The game ends when the character touches the obstacles or falls down.

Ra Mat Web Game Danh Rieng Cho Hoi Chung Si Tu Hsc photo

Besides, players can collect the scoring items to take bonus points. Players have 5 turns per day to play the mini-game, excluding the bonus plays when completing the mission successfully.

When a play is over, the player can continue playing as long as there is a turn left, or select "Invest" to move forward through the "Giuong Buom Ra Khoi", stock investing experience, and complete the Nhiem Vu Hang Ngay (Daily Missions) to get more turns or bonus points.


In particular, the Leaderboard is programmed to display the winner weekly. After 8 weeks, at the final stage, the Leaderboard will show the winner of the biggest prize in the Game.


Giương Buồm Ra Khơi

With the points just achieved, players can start investing in stocks. The types of stocks on the market are simulated as a mini-size “exchange” and players only need to touch each to see information about the company that owns it, as well as to make Buys and Sells.


CMS Programming

Marvy programmed CMS Page to assist HSC in easily managing the game, as well as the sign-in, sign-up history, and the players’ property in the game.


  • Manage login history
  • Record new users, returning users 
  • Record users via invitation code
  • Record the average time a user spends playing game
  • Manage the property of players
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