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Oreo Celebrates 110th Birthday With Photo Quiz Campaign

Oreo launched the Photo Quiz Campaign to celebrate Brand's birthday


Scope of Work

  • - Game Development
  • - Backend Development

Types of AR used

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Ideas and Concepts 

On the occasion of its 110th birthday, Oreo has launched a Photo Quiz Campaign for customers with plenty of attractive promotions. 

Photo Quiz is designed with typical blue color and the main image is Oreo cake. With an anniversary theme, Marvy Co combined Photo with combined Photo Quiz with the act of blowing out the candles on the cake, bringing a sense of joy and meaning. Especially after entering the information, if the user wins the prize, the bonus will be automatically transferred to the phone account. This creates surprises and leaves a deep impression while raisingthe interaction between customers and Oreo. 


Web & CMS Development

  • Customers easily access via the link without installing app 
  • Photo Quiz allows players to enter their name, date of birth and phone number 
  • Players can choose their favorite Oreo cake, then freely choose a wish or refer to the existing wishes.
  • In particular, with the feature of recognizing the loudness of the sound through the microphone, users have the opportunity to experience blowing out Oreo birthday candles right on the phone.


How to use 

Step 1:  Access Photo Quiz via the link: 

Step 2: Type the required information 

Step 3: Choose the favorite Oreo cake 

Step 4: Fill name and enter the wishes or refer to the available wishes

Step 5: Tap blow out the candle for a chance to receive an attractive promotion

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