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Interesting Playable Ads For Fans Of Piano Tiles 3

Amanotes, a music game publisher, has just launched a playable ad that allows players to experience the game before installing


Scope of Work

  • - Game Development

Types of AR used

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Playable Ads

Playable Ads have long ceased to be a strange type of advertising. And recently Amanotes, a popular game company, decided to use Playable Ads to promote the latest version of their famous game with millions of players worldwide - Piano Tiles 3.

Unlike other types of advertising, Playable Ads allow players to experience the game on the ad without downloading any supporting apps. This form of interactive ad can arouse interest, curiosity and stimulate players to download the application to experience more of the game. Playable ads are a solution to help businesses to improve app download rates and increase engagement for their ads.


Programming game

Marvy programmed Playable Ads Piano Tiles 3 based on the game’s rules using the designs provided by Amanotes. To start the game, the player needs to tap the “Start” music key icon. Soon the piano keys will start appearing and animating from top to bottom in random positions. Now the player needs to tap these piano keys before it crosses the specified line. With each successful tap of the piano key, the yellow stars will pop up very interestingly.

The speed and number of piano keys will increase over time to raise the difficulty as well as get more attention from the players. The accuracy of the player is not only displayed by the score but also by the words, such as: No I'm not PERFECT, I NEED somebody, At my WORST, But I Hope, Who can LOVE me.

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