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DJ Alok: AR Game ON&ON

ON&ON Game Project from DJ Alok

The game with a character that runs continuously on ON & ON music to find keywords in the lyrics like “Love, Heart, On…” as a way for the main character to find his/her love.


Scope of Work

  • - Creative Strategy Direction
  • - Concept Design
  • - UI UX Design
  • - 3D Modeling and Animation
  • - Game Development

Types of AR used

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AR Face Filter

Alok is Brazil's most famous DJ and music producer with over 20 million followers on Instagram, known for his global hit "Hear Me Now". In 2019, Alok is ranked 11th by DJ magazine in the world for the best DJ.

Alok is known as the music witch in Brazil, he not only creates unique music products, but also wants to bring stand out experiences to the audience.

Alok contacted and collaborated with Marvy Co. to create an AR product that could be applied creatively on the soundtrack of the brand new released song - ON&ON, with the aim of promoting the song and bringing a more interesting experience for fans.

AR option for DJ Alok

- AR technology gives the game world a completely new element, increasing player interaction, making the game more interesting and exciting.

 - Marvy recommends for DJ Alok the AR game using facial movement tracking with simple form and rules, with continuous replay feature, encouraging players to experience many times.

- Users can experience this AR game directly on the Instagram platform.

Idea & Concept

The team implemented the idea of ​​Marvy Co. Based on finding love in ON & ON lyrics, the team proposed the game with a character that runs continuously on ON & ON music to find keywords in the lyrics like “Love, Heart, On…” as a way for the main character to find his/her love.

3D modelling & Animation

The design stage required attractive interfaces and images, after receiving the concept board, we focused on creating 3D models that were both in line with the spirit of the game, beautiful and satisfying the tastes. player.

The highlight of this design is the character's interesting running figure and prominent Neon lights creating a sense of excitement.

AR Development

- With AR Game, the development team will use the code to actualize the game and ensure to produce the most comprehensive product. Accordingly, it is the understanding of balance in the Game, to always keep the interestingness for players.

- How to play: Characters in the game will run continuously throughout the game, the player's task is to control the character by moving his/her head left and right to collect as many "ON" letters as possible by touching the word. “OFF” 5 times means the player will fail.

- During the rushing time of the project, the development team experiences and completes the most complex stage of timing the display objects to match the lyrics.

According to that is the understanding of the balance in the Game, to always keep the game's interest for players.


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