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Dorco: Phut Ngao Tao Nen Toi - Unique Online Exhibition Exclusively For Gen Z

Recently, Dorco has launched the exhibition "Make Me" Minutes, an online exhibition applying advanced XR technology and quickly causing a fever in the Gen Z community.

After a series of unforgettable days of social distancing, all activities are limited. However, DORCO quickly took advantage of modern technology to launch the exhibition "Minutes of Insanity Made Me" with the ability to break the barrier between the real and virtual worlds.


Scope of Work

  • - Concept Design
  • - UI UX Design
  • - 3D Modeling and Animation
  • - Game Development
  • - Backend Development

Types of AR used

game photo


Technology: XR Virtual Event



Idea & Concept


The exhibition “Phut Ngao Tao Nen Toi” (Minutes of Mischief Made Me) is an open event for everyone organized by the brand DORCO. Here, 50 stories of young men telling about "not to know whether to laugh or cry" memories on the journey of self-improvement are displayed. In addition, there are other interesting activities to increase interaction with attendees. However, due to the complicated development of the epidemic and the prolonged distance, all events were forced to postpone.
However, this cannot make it difficult for DORCO and Marvy. With XR technology - Augmented reality, a virtual event can bring almost 90% real feeling. The exhibition was still held with an attractive display area and fighting games but in a completely new form.


Model 3D


Exhibition Phút “ngáo” tạo nên tôi


  • Exhibition space:

Marvy Co. built the event space based on the available drawings. The sightseeing areas are subdivided and the interior designed with almost absolute precision compared to reality



  • Areas in the exhibition:


  • Areas of entertainment:


Virtual representative character:


In addition, the Marvy team also designed a character set based on the Animal Crossing concept with 2 genders Male - Female with different hairstyles and clothing sets in the direction of Unisex. Thereby, users can optionally choose to create their favorite character.


WebXR Programming


In order to bring an online event with the most authentic experiences for users, the Marvy team recreated the activities in the exhibition ranging from exhibits to engaging fighting games. Creating a unique feeling for users, visiting the exhibition is like participating in an Online game.

Thanks to XR - Extended Reality technology, users only need to access the Website and interact without using specialized devices or downloading additional supporting applications. Various features and built-in games enhance the user experience. 


Features & Implementations



  • Programming Lobby: 

In order to ensure a large number of attendees at once and not affect the experience, the lounge feature was developed as a stopover before starting to visit the exhibition. Here, users are divided into small servers, experiencing the same event without worrying about system crashes.



  • Character creation: 

Program the character creation feature based on the available designs so that attendees can freely choose. Each character will be able to change gender, hairstyle, skin color and one of 4 sets of personality clothes.



  • Voice Guidance - Your Companion:

Creating a unique experience for users and guiding them through the entire exhibition, voice picker was proposed and developed by the Marvy team. With three different voices including Dich Lep, Win D and Lan Jee. The audio is recorded and placed in fixed positions in the event space. When the user moves to any area, there will be a voice to guide.


  • Theme music & AutoPlay screen: 

Using the music video for the theme song CHOICHOICHOI and separating the beat to create vibrant background music that runs throughout the time the user is in the event, the programmed video will automatically play repeatedly on 2 screens in the event space. 

How to move: In the exhibition, Marvy programmers developed the free movement feature. Users can explore every nook and cranny here. 

For PC: The WASD key combination is a tool to move and the arrow key combination or click and drag to change the character's perspective.

For mobile devices: Users will use Joystick in the corner of the screen to move, and drag and drop on the screen to change the viewing angle.


  • Gestures increase interaction: 

Programming 2 interactive buttons with "Hello" and "Smile" expressions corresponding to the character's animation so that users can interact with the people around them.


  • Photobooth: 

Develop the feature of taking photos with the Event Backdrop similar to that of an offline event. With two basic forms, users can choose a pose for the character to animate and take pictures. Marvy also programmatically allows users to link to their Facebook accounts to share photos. In addition, next to the photography area, there is also an AR Filter counter with 3 "Thach thi toi" filters for users to interact with.



  • Exhibition area: 

Not only can it host 2000 players at the same time, but the exhibition area also integrates 50 stories and 50 images into the event space. Each photo is clickable and displays a corresponding story feed, similar to 4 pictures of Uncle Moi.



  • Game Zone: 

In addition to the activities of viewing pictures, the game area is developed with a variety of different Games.


Lucky rotation: 

Programming allows players to click on the wheel and randomly display a winning or not winning message. In particular, the number of spins will be returned to the same after 24 hours for players to continue participating.


Decode The Teencode: 

Programmable to randomly match 2 users into a round. At the same time, from the provided questionnaire, 5 trending sentences in the form of teen code will be displayed on the screen. In turn, each question will have three answers attached, the person who quickly chooses the most correct and fastest will be considered the winner. In addition, Marvy also programmed allowing players to each time participate in the game will have a new set of questions, not duplicated to increase the fun.


Don’t Follow The Rule: 

Similar to Decode The Teencode, this game also randomly pairs players and uses the voice "sister Google" to manage the game. The sound is programmed and played in each round, and after each round, the speed will increase gradually. At the same time, at the request of the game, Marvy also programmed the player to control the arrow keys in reverse with the spoken dialogue. For example: "Stand up" - Press the down arrow, "Please sit down" - Press the up arrow,...


Hold The Duck: 

Integrate 3D duck with animation falling into the game to increase the fun. Marvy has programmed a stabilizer bar and button so that the user keeps the red bar in the center of the specified position so that the duck does not fall. At the same time, the team also created 3 networks for users, each time the red bar exceeds the specified area, it will correspond to 1 network



With three games Decode The Teencode, Don't Follow The Rule, and Hold The Duck, each win is determined by 10 points and the loss is 5 points. Team Marvy has programmed the points to accumulate after each play. The more users play, the higher the score is and it is quickly updated to the leaderboard for everyone to race Top and win many attractive gifts.


  • AR Filter

Marvy Co uses Spark AR software for players to open Dorco's AR Filter with the phone's front camera on the Facebook platform, the face recognition feature will help display the brand's graphics. When the user clicks to record a video with the filter, the pre-programmed challenges and questions will run randomly and stop at any request. Players can both perform challenges and record videos to win a chance to receive gifts from brands.




Landing Page


Kick off a grand event in 2021, the Marvy team programmed a Landing Page to introduce to DORCO's users. In addition to the basic features such as summarizing the event's information, Marvy integrates a few more outstanding features to make the Landing Page more eye-catching and useful.

  • Countdown timer: Programmable countdown feature in order of days - hours - minutes - seconds to count down to the day the event officially opens. 


  • Coloring activity: Integrating lip painting with the features of color selection, eraser, zoom in and out so that users can freely choose the color they like and color the picture.


  • Submit works and receive gifts: Create a personal information board with fields of information such as name, email, and address so that the organizers can know the participants of this contest and award prizes easily.
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