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“Scooter Game” Online Game From Motul

Motul has launched Online 3D Game “Scooter Game”, an online game allows users to experience being the owner of a motorbike

Today, owning and maintaining a motorbike is no longer limited in terms of space and finance when you can play the AR Game “Scooter Game” of Motul


Scope of Work

  • - Game Development
  • - Backend Development

Types of AR used

game photo



Idea & Concept

Responding to Motul's desire to combine the two most important factors of the product: promotion and knowledge about motorbike parts, Marvy gave birth to the idea of ​​launching a new and attractive Online Game - “Scooter Game”. “Scooter Game” is not only an entertaining game but also a place to provide knowledge about motorcycle maintenance. Besides, the promotion of the Motul, oils & industrial lubricant brand, is also an important factor that Marvy needs to be cleverly in the way of transmission.



Inspired by other gift check-in games, "Scooter Game" has been upgraded higher by applying XR Virtual technology, helping players to be satisfied with attractive and novel 3D effects. In addition, in order to cleverly improve the interaction between players and brands, Marvy has integrated the feature of exchanging points and doing tasks from multiple-choice rounds to get vouchers for shopping at Motul.



Based on the designs provided by Motul, the Marvy team has 3D rendering to render the designs on the Web platform in 3D format. In addition, to ensure a smooth user experience, Marvy cleverly optimized the designs to improve the performance on the website but still maintain the quality of images.


WebXR Programming

With XR technology - Extended Reality, users only have to access the Website and interact without using specialized devices or installing supporting applications. And various built-in features enhance the user experience.


Features and Implementations:

  • Sign up:
    Fill out information 
  • Username 
  • Full name
  • Email
  • Phone numbers
  • Sign in:
    Fill out information
  • Phone numbers
  • Password
  • Reset password
    • Tap “Forget Password”
    • New Password sent by SMS
    • Reset Password
  • Choose your scooter:

Choose 1 of 4 provided scooter

Motul provides the design with information on the classification of the scooter


  • Create name bar:
    Automatically attach Username to the nameplate in the garage
  • Invite friends

Every user has a unique invite code

  • Send invite code via messenger
  • Share code directly on Facebook
  • Add friends:
    • Send a friend request to another user
    • Accept the invitation
    • Neighborhood
    • Decline the invitation
  • Visit neighbors:
    • Visit the garage of the users in the friend list
    • Visit any user's garage without making friends
    • The car deteriorated after visiting 5 neighbors' houses
    • Every time users visit a neighbor's house, the loading screen shows a random fact about maintenance knowledge (Motul provides a fact list, 20 - 30 facts)
  • Daily tasks:


Do the tasks in the list to collect the score

Motul provides a task list, task score, task reset time, the maximum number of times (priority), 10 tasks.


  • Redeem voucher

Use points to redeem vouchers

Havas provides a list of vouchers (voucher code, quantity, expiry date)

  • Inventory
    • Save voucher
    • Save purchased items (sorted by category: maintenance items, decorations, protective items)
  • Quiz:
    • Play Q&A to collect coins
    • Each turn is 10 minutes apart
    • Motul provides Question & Answer content (100 - 150 questions)
  • Buy items:
    • Use coins to buy items at the store
    • Havas manages the value of the item
  • Scooter maintenance:
    • Use items for car maintenance
    • How to use: select the required item to enter the scooter until the status bar reaches green
  • Decorate scooter /garage:
    Use items to decorate motorbikes and garages
    How to use:
    • Scooter: Choose items and decorate the scooter
    • Garage: Chọn nội thất vào vị trí phù hợp Choose furniture and move to the designated places.
  • Protection:

Use item locks to items

  • Upgrade:
    • Use required items to upgrade the scooter. The total score of the item must be equal to or higher than the required level in order to upgrade
    • After upgrading, user can visit more houses (7 houses)
    • Havas clearly stipulates the number of upgrade points for mid-range and high-end cars
    • Item:
      • Each item will correspond to a specified score
      • Havas provides the design with conventional score information
    • Selling:
      • After upgrading, the user can sell the scooter in exchange for the corresponding number of points
      • Havas stipulation points
    • Stealing:
      • Click on one of the 6 mystery boxes -> Show any item -> Get it
      • Select an empty box or a box with a security lock -> Can not get it
    • Teasing the Neighbors:
      • Draw graffiti on the scooter
      • Paint on the scooter
      • Throw stones to drop the name tag
    • Giving gifts to neighbors:

    Give items to neighbors (items are available in the player's inventory)


    CMS Programming

    Marvy programmed CMS Page to assist Motul in easily managing the game, the number of gifts, and the gift exchange history. 



    • Track voucher code
    • Manage login history
    • Record new users, returning users, users via invitation code
    • Record the average time a user spends playing game
    • Export discount voucher code data by Excel 
    • Set score to redeem the voucher
    • Setpoints for the game
    • Set prices and points for items in the shop
    • Set of points to upgrade scooter
    • Manage items
    • Manage voucher redemption history
    • Manage scooter sales history

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