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"Truth or Chill" With Online Game From Strongbow

The world's number one Cider brand, Strongbow, has just launched the Online Game "Truth or Chill" on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

“Mừng Tết đến và Lộc đến nhà nhà”, receive a lot of gifts from the Strongbow Mini Game “Truth or Chill” designed and programmed by Marvy.


Scope of Work

  • - UI UX Design
  • - Game Development
  • - WebAR Development

Types of AR used

game photo


Idea & Concept


Inspired by the Vietnamese folk game “Dice” and Truth or Dare from the West, the image cannot lack the appearance of Peach Blossom and Firecrackers symbolizing the bustling and interesting Asian New Year. Two colors Yellow and Red were chosen by Marvy as the theme colors, expressing the jubilant New Year atmosphere and also the color of Strongbow cider cans.


In particular, the giant apple, known as a famous image of Strongbow, was used with the meaning of abundant luck, peace and happiness as a wish from the brand.


UX/UI Design


“Truth or Chill” has been somewhat simplified by Marvy to suit the modern lifestyle of the active youngsters. With some simple steps, you can join the interesting Mini Game with friends, loved ones right on your phone.


UI Design (User Interface):

  • Two horizontal and vertical interfaces make it possible for players to join the Game on both smartphones and Laptop/PC
  • The Dice button and the questions’ map are listed clearly and easily to get.
  • The interface combines many themed elements to create a joyful atmosphere, matching the theme of the game.


UX Design (User Experience):

  • No need to install the app, players participate right on Strongbow's website.
  • The questionnaire is divided into four appropriate versions: Đồng nghiệp, Hội bạn “mém” thân, Hội bạn “siêu” thân, Gia đình và Hàng Xóm.
  • The texts are short and displayed in the order of the number that the player has just rolled the dice.


Game Programming


  • Allows users to freely choose one of five questionnaires.
  • Each questionnaire is set up with 13 questions and challenges programmed to correspond to 13 numbers on the screen.
  • When the player touches the dice, a random number will appear, increasing the excitement for the player and the player can choose to answer or challenge.
  • When the player has answered all 13 questions, the game is programmed to suggest that the player choose the remaining questionnaires by clicking or touching the suggestion screen.
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